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Loyal Associated Refugees
Upham to Taylor


The Restoration sail'd on ye 8th from hence for the Vineyard.

He [inserted- Mr. LEONARD] proposed going to Old Town, has carried with him what Goods he pleased. The Genl. is disposed to afford him every assistance.

What will be the Event is very uncertain, whether Wood can be had in that Quarter must depend on the good or ill Disposition of the Inhabitants.

I think it is very clear that much Stock, by which I mean in the stile of a Darmer, much Cattle Sheep &c may be obtained in Exchange for Goods & that many Goods in that Way may be disposed of, this being the Policy adopted by the General.

Two Refugees viz. a Mr. BANKER & Mr. THAXTER came in last Evening by the Way of Nantucket. They inform us of the Destruction of the rebel Fleet at the Eastward excepting two Vessels captured by Sir George viz. the Brig Hunter of 20 Guns & a Ship, the first with the Galatea are cruising from Cape Cod & Capan. The Frigates at Boston are not manned on which Account cannot come out as yet.

These Men called, on their Way hither, at the Elizabeth Islands w[h]ere they found that the Rebels had got Intelligence that our Armament was intended, against Bedford, Falmouth & these Islands.

That the Rebels were collecting at the two first Places for the Purpose of defending. That the Cattle &c on the Elizabeth Islands were taken & taking away by the Rebels. That the Rebels had been informed of our Intention of getting Wood at Naushon.

I think this Conduct of the Rebels in taking away Cattle &c will induce the Inhabitants of the Vineyard, from whence the Cattle are not removed, to dispose of their Cattle &c to us for Goods or Hard Money rather than to them for Paper Money, the Exchange of which is 20 for one.

I think nothing is to be feared from the rebel Navy at present, I therefore hope that something will be effected to your Advantage.

Mr. LEONARD has contracted for the cutting &c of 1000 Cord of Wood at Eatons Neck, near Lloyds Neck. I wish it had been for two instead of one Thousand Cord.

I intend in few Days to go to our Friends at Old-Town, should have gone with them but the General was displeased at my Absence when last I left the Garrison & would not hear of my going again at present. Shall get his leave to go down, I doubt not, in a few Days on a Visit.

I hope something will be done by the Cruising of some of the armed Vessels at Nantucket & at & near Nomans Lands. In Short the undertaking is great & the Event must at present remain very uncertain, but, my good Friend, you need not be told that my every Exertion shall be added to those of the Party.

Expect in a few Days to hear from them & from that Information we shall be inabled to form a Judgment with some Degree of Certainty of your future Success.

Am sorry to be informed that our Friend BLOWERS is prevented coming to this Place by his sickness & that of his sister. Am sure he will come by the first Opportunity.

The Business of supplying Goods will, if the Post be maintained for any Length of Time, be very considerable. Of this you will be better informed by the next Opportunity.

If you wish to communicate any thing to me on the subject I am sure you will do it with freedom & that you will command me in this & every other Matter where it is possible for me to serve you.

I am sincerely your Friend &c.
Joshua UPHAM

Newport Septr. 9th 1779


Library of Congress, Lovering-Taylor Family Papers, Container 2, General Correspondence, April - November 1779.

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