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Loyal Associated Refugees
Leonard to Taylor

Newport Septr. 7th 1779


The few minutes I had at Huntington would not permit me to write from thence, as the wind was fair, and I was unwilling to lose so favorable an opportunity.

The 31st of August we arriv'd in this harbour with a fleet of 38 Sail; my time since has been constantly employed in settling all my accounts;

I have paid all the seamen belonging to the several vessels both their prize money and wages to their entire satisfaction, excepting Captain DOW, whom nothing short of the nett proceeds of the vessel and the money due to the poor seamen, would prevent grumbling.

Within this hour he has been ordered before the Superintendant to answer for his conduct in plundering the defenceless family on Gardiners island; I hope the provost will be his fate, as no inconvenience will arise to the concern'd in consequence of it.

Our little fleet which consists of nine Sail has been ready to depart ever since the 5th instant with every thing necessary to execute our intended plan, the wind only prevents.

I have taken on board the Brig and Schooner a variety of articles for the market at Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard, also cash with me for purchasing oyl, candles &c &c if no misfortune happens, you may expect the Brig soon at N. York.

Doctor TUPPER, who was lately from thence informs me there is one or two valuable cargoes, ready to be brought off. Mr. GOLDSBOROUGH will be more particular respecting Dr. TUPPER.

I have enter'd into a solemn contract with the refugees, to have an exclusive right to all the trade with those islands; they are to have on their part the nett proceeds of the Cattle, Sheep and Poultry on Marthas Vineyard only, after paying charges of collecting & transporting, and 5 P Cent to a factor, whom I shall appoint to do the business.

Thus much has been done in the short interval I have been here, we are all in the highest spirits and full expectations of compleating the wood and other contracts.

I have engaged Mr. Elisha JONES to cut and cart to low water mark at Eatons neck one thousand Chords of firewood. On the delivery I am to pay him three dollars and three quarters, per chord. Be kind enough to send some person to see this contract performed.

Mr. DORNETT, will enclose this together with all other papers necessary for you to see.

I have not offer'd the subscriptions here; the favors I have receiv'd from General PRESCOT, Capt. SAVAGE and others lately, make it a matter of delicacy with me.

If we succeed agreeable to our sanguine expectations I hope there will be no necessity to ask assistance of the traders here, who will think, the whole refugee fleet always at their service, and demand a privilidge of trading to the islands, should they contribute.

My best respects to Mr. JEFFERS & Mr. ROYE, I feel a grateful sense of Mr. JEFFERS friendship, while at New York. Mr. DORNETT will forward from Genl. PRESCOTT a permit for Shipping two hundred puncheons Rum.

I am
Your Sincere
& obedt. Servt.

Mr. [Joseph] TAYLOR

Library of Congress, Lovering-Taylor Family Papers, Container 2, General Correspondence, April - November 1779.

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