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Loyal Associated Refugees
Leonard to Taylor

Newport April 12th 1779.

the narrative of our late expedition transmited to our agents, will informe of the Success we met with, at the Island of Nantucket.

The Captures made at that place, you will please to Libel in the Names, of the following armed Vessels, the Sloop General Lesselie, Capt. DOW, Schooner Experiment, Capt. MacPHERSON; Sloop Royal Charlote, Capt. McCLEAN, Sloop General Mathew, Capt. FORSYTH, Schooner Sally, Capt. SPELLING; the Sloop Harriot Tender to the General Lesslie all which were employed on this expedition-

their may disputes arrise, with the Capts. of the privateer wether the Genl. Lesslie is intitled to Share with, the Rest of the armed vessels; as it was not present at the time of the Seizures-

the Above mentioned vessels Sailed in Concert from the harbour of Newport, all to be Jointly Concerned, after reaching Falmouth, the time had expired for the Return, of Capt. DePEYSTERs Company of granadears, Col. WINSLOW the Commanding Officer of the troops, Demanded of me, a Convoy for that Company to Rhode Island; which I was obliged to give him;

the Genl. Lesslie was ordered for that purpose; her being a Safe Vessel with & most formidable: with Col. WINSLOW on board seized with a Violent fit of the gout in the stomach, and not able to be removed-

upon her departure she was ordered to return to the fleet, which was done emmediately, but previous to her Return, the Captures were made, She joined us at homes hole, in the Vineyard Sound where we was all glad to met her, as a further security to our prise Vessels-

as a Commanding Officer of the armed Vessels, I removed from the Experiment, on board the Lesslie and took the prises under her Convoy, to Rhode Island the Signals from that time, were given from her, untill the whole fleet arrived safe into this harbour-

these are the Circumstances you will therefore take proper Steps to Libel the Captures in her name, with the Rest of the Armed Vessels-

the Refugees to a man employed on this expedition, have agreed to Support this Claim;

the General Prescott is preparing to take in her guns, with her, and the rest of our Small fleet, I hope to give a Sufficient Convoy to the Refugees on these present excursions and Sone to Sail in Vessel, the Lesslie, with the George is to make a Short Course, untill we get ready for another expedition-

of all this you will acquaint Mr. BLACK, and give my Compliment to him-

I am
Yours Sincerely

Mr. Joseph TAYLOR

     I am Sorrey it is not in my power, to give you a exact Return, of the articles taken; they Consist of oil - Whale - Cordage - molasses - Sugar - paints - tobagoe - fish - Board - Iron - Steel &c &c &c on Board two Briggs & a Schooner; which you will Libel, there names unknown-

many articles were brought from thence in the General Prescott with two other transport Sloops one of which, the General Lent me, the other I chartered; one of the Briggs is a remarkable Sailer; if She is Sold at a moderate price I shall incline to purchase her-

I here enclose you an emperfect Invoice, you will Judge what Artecles to get Condemned with the Vessels; you will Lose no time, for the Condemnation on the Vessels, & Effects, which may prevent Disputes with the privateerman.

Libary of Congress, Lovering-Taylor Family Papers, Container 2, General Correspondence, April - November 1779.

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