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Loyal Associated Refugees

To RICHARD PRESCOTT, Esquire, Major General of His Majesty's Forces in America, and late Commanding the Garrison of Rhode-Island.

THE Directors for the associated Refugees and other Loyalists from Rhode Island, in behalf of themselves and their constituents, beg leave to express with the warmest sentiments of gratitude, the generous attention and support they constantly experienced from you, Sir, during the time you commanded at Rhode-Island.

The liberal supplies and assistance youwere pleased to grant, from time to time, to enable them to make their different excursions against his Majesty's revolted subjects, and the obliging approbation you constantly maifested of their exertions to promote the interest of government, and to restore the blessings of the British constitution to this once happy country, demand their publick acknowledgement.

They beg leave to assure you, Sir, that they hear of your intentions to depart for England with regret, and that their fervent and sincere wishes for your happiness will invariably accompany you thro' life; and they ardently hope that your zealous endeavours to advance his Majesty's interest in this country, may meet with the reward to which you are so justly entitled.

in behalf of the Directors

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To GEORGE LEONARD, Esq; and others the Directors of the associated Refugees and Loyalists from Rhode-Island,


I AM truly happy that, in executing the Commander in Chief's directions, to assist and support so valuable a body of men as the Loyal Refugees; it has been my good fortune, as it was always my inclination, to have rendered you some services; and I am now to thank you for your very affectionate acknowledgments of them.

Convinced as I am of your loyalty and firm attachment to the King and his Government, and cannot fail at all times of my hearty esteem and warmest wishes for success to your future exertions in so just and honourable a Cause.


New-York, Nov. 12, 1779.

The Royal Gazette, (New York), November 13th, 1779.

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