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King's Royal Regiment of New York
Hunter to McMartin

Carleton St. Johns 18 December 82


I recd. Your Kind favour of the Sixth Which Gave me Infinite Sattisfaction to here of Your Safe Arrival at Winter Quarters, But am Sorry You Had So much Fatague On Your Jorney, and really I must Allow that after walking thirty miles the First Day, You Would not Be Verry fit to Go to an assembly at night.

You mention Isle of Jesu to Be more Agreeable than St. Johns most assuredly it must be So.

For in My Opinion St. Johns was made at half Past Eleven O’Clock of a Satturday Night & Likewise hard Frost When the Allmighty Was Either Afraid of breaking Sunday, Or Getting his fingers frost bitt.

As for Doctor Pillbox he Has Got a house In the Fort And Notwithstanding the Intence Coldness of the Weather I Once Every Day make it as hot as hell.

I make it my Particular Study to Sett that Dear Countryman of Yours, & him By the Ears, to the Infinite Diversion of the mess.

Dr. Sir Nothing Could Give me more Pleasure than to See you at St. Johns Once more, though The Place is Verry Disagreeable the Pleasure of Your Company Would make it Agreeable to me.

You may Depend upon it If Possible I Will See you this Winter Either at Montreawl or Isle of Jesu.

By God McMARTIN I have not Been Eight Nights Sober Since You Left St. Johns.

On Satturday Last the Officers of the Navy In Company with Several other Gentn. to the Amount of Twenty, Dined At one ROBBINSONs In the rookery & HUNTER had the honour of Being Pressident.

As for Doctor PIERCE About Six O’clock he Got out of a Back Window & run all the Way up to the Garrison, & for Old THOMPSON he Could not Keep his Course But ran into the rappids, & for CHISHOLM I Got him Into One Corner of the room with two Sticks & made him Play the fiddle for the rest to Dance to, And Certainly it was an agreeable Sight to Any Person to have Seen us about twelve O’clock at night.

I have no news here So Pray Excuse me.

I Should Esteem it as a favour If You Know Where Mr. CONNOLY is Quarterd.

If You will Lett me Know Pt. the first Opportunity, & Dear McMARTIN Write me as often as Possible for you may Depend upon it I Will Continually Answer you with noncence of Some Sort.

Mr. ALLEN Desires His Compts. to you him & I have Just this moment Been Shaveing old THOMPSON with a Pair of Scissars.

I remain Dr. Sir Your
Sincere Friend & most hle St.

[Malcolm McMARTIN]

Archives of Ontario, Malcolm McMartin Papers, MU 1974.

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