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King's Royal Regiment of New York

Oswego 8th Sepr. 1783


James CASSITY the person I mention'd in my Letter of the 11th Augst. who had arrived from the Mohawk River with passes from Governor CLINTON and General Washington permitting him to go to Detroit;- him I detain'd agreeable to your instructions how to dispose of him.

I was oblig'd to furnish him with provisions, and indulg'd him to walk about the fort, or where he pleas'd, and he appear'd contented, only seem'd anxious of getting to his family at Detroit.

On the evening of ye 1st Inst. Serjt. LARABEE of the 2nd Battn. Ks. Rl. Regt. N York who acted as Serjt. Major to the Garrison requested leave to be absent from parade the next morning to go a shooting;

as he was a Sober Man and very attentive to his Duty, I consented, about 3 in the Afternoon enquiring if he was return'd and was answered he was not, I was soon after told that CASSATY was with him & that one Eastwood (one of the Sick men left by Major ROSS, but was recover'd in a great measure) had not been seen all the Day I immediately suspected they had Deserted, and on examining their rooms found my suspicions too well grounded.

The Serjt. was entrusted by Mr. HAMILTON Mercht. at Cataraqui, with a small assortment of Merchandize, to furnish the Garrison, he carry'd off all the hard Cash & Valuable Merchandize with him, which, this CASSATY, who certainly has been his adviser, & must have been privy to.

I sent off a Flagg of Truce with two Letters one to the Officer Commanding at their nearest post, & the other to Governor CLINTON, to the latter, letting him know Mr. CASSATY's Conduct & the Villainous use he had made of his & General Washington'' passes, & requesting that they (the Deserters) might be secured, if not as Deserters, they might as Robbers and delivered up to Justice;

to the Officer I requested they might be secur'd till the Governors pleasure might be known.

I am sir your most Obedient
Humble Servant
Ks. Rl. Regt. N. York

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21,783, folio 335.

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