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King's Royal Regiment of New York
Burgoyne to Johnson re Levy Money


Chambley July 11th 1776


I mentioned to Genl. CARLETON according to your desire the subject of Levy money. His Excellency is of Opinion that the Corps to be raised by you and that raised last year by Lieut. Col. McLEAN are upon very different Grounds.

The Latter was undertaken by a Gentleman without any personal weight or Authority in the Country he received no Rank in the Service, and the Regiment when raised was like all others upon the British Establishment liable to be sent to any part of the World at the pleasure of the King.

This consideration alone made pecuniary Encouragement more necessary and the Lieut. Col. receiving no Advantage but what he was well entitled to from his Military pretensions could not be expected to advance any money from his private purse.

The light in which your proposal, Sir, is regarded, is that of a great opulent distinguished Subject, who after the Example of a most honourable predacessor Steps forward in a time of difficulty and Danger to vindicate the rights of his Majestys Crown and restore the Blessings of legal Government combining as is most just with these elevated principles the protection of private property, not only that of the Chief, but also of every individual who shall take Arms under his Banners, and for that purpose the Corps is not be be removed out of America: nor unless upon Emergencies in which every well affected American Subject is interested not intended I believe to march them from their own province.

Your plan therefore is exactly upon this footing, with that of the usual English Noblemen who in the year 1745 raised Regiments in their own Counties and at their own Expence, Receiving in Return Military Rank, though they had never served in the Army, together with pay according to that Rank.

It is presumed upon the whole that upon the Representation of taking arms pro Aris & focis and under the influence of so respectable a Chief as yourself, the enlistments will be made with little Expence or should it be otherwise that the Commander in Chief will be justifiable in advancing it without express orders.

I hope all the Arrangement as it now stands will upon Reflection be acceptable to you. Everything appears fair to Secure the Execution of the project we commenced upon.

I shall think myself peculiarly happy in that opportunity as in every other, to recommend myself to your Friendship and I have the pleasure to be with true esteem &c.


[Sir John JOHNSON]

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 20, page 182.

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