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King's American Regiment
Memorial of Lt. Col. George Campbell

To His Excellency, Sir Guy CARLETON, Knight of the most
honorable Order of the Bath, General, and, Commander in
Chief, of all His Majesty's Forces in North America &c &c &c

The Memorial of Lieutt. Colo. George CAMPBELL, of the Kings American Regiment.

Most respectfully sheweth,

That altho' your Memorialist has been adjudged guilty of some errors tending to the Prejudice of good order, and Military discipline in the Mode of carrying on the Command of the Kings American Regiment, yet as he has been acquitted of the severest charges exhibited against him Viz-

having appropriated to his own use the Public money- wronged the deserving Soldier by charging him a greater price for his necessaries than they really cost, and, also acquitted of, the yet more weighty accusation of having behaved in a manner unbecoming the character of an Officer and a Gentleman.

Your Memorialist presumes to flatter himself that, however reprehensible his conduct may have appeared to the Court, in those points for which he has incurred their answer; yet that his long and faithful Services, will plead in his favour with Your Excellency; the object of laws, in venial Cases, seeming rather intended to ascertain and expose a Mans faults, thereby deterring him from future error, than to punish the Individual.

On this ground, particularly at the End of a War, your Memorialist is emboldened most humbly to solicit your Excellency will be pleased withdraw his Suspension, and permit him to return to Europe, and remain there during the time it would have lasted, as in all probability the Kings American Regiment will be reduced to half pay before the expiration of that period.

Your Memorialist's returning to Europe in such a situation as to enable him with more propriety to have the honor of paying his personal respects to his Sovereign, would free him from that pointed agitation of mind he is so unfortunately doomed, at present, to experience.

Your Memorialist, therefore, most humbly hopes, that he shall owe this act of liberality to Your Excellency's goodness, assuring you, that his future conduct will never render him unworthy of that lenity which he most anxiously hopes your Excellency will be pleased, to extend to him, and Your Memorialist, as in duty bound shall ever Pray

Lt. Col. Ks. An. Regt.

New York
     4th June 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/7879.

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