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King's American Dragoons
Recruiting Notice


ANY likely SPIRITED young LADS who are desirous of distinguishing themselves by serving their KING and COUNTRY, and who prefer Riding on Horseback to going on Foot, have now an opportunity of gratifying their Inclinations, by repairing to the HEAD-QUARTERS of

The King's American Dragoons,

Where VOLUNTEERS Will meet with every encouragement they can wish.

As there are but few VACANCIES remaining, the Regiment being already very nearly complete; and as it is a chosen Corps, formed upon the most liberal principles, none but good men need apply, to such, the most generous terms will be given, and they may rely and depend upon being treated like Gentlemen.

As the Officers are to a man AMERICANS, they feel very sensibly for the sufferings of their Loyal Brethren, who are groaning under the heavy yoke of oppression;

and it is with infinite pleasure they now offer them an asylum in this LOYAL-BAND, where they may live in harmony with their friends and acquaintances-- men professing the same principles, and united in the same common cause-- and where they may have an opportunity of assisting to restore to their unhappy country the blessings of liberty and peace.

For the convenience of those who may come from the Continent by the way of Lloyd's Neck, an Officer will constantly remain at that post;-

Another will remain at King's Bridge, and there will be one in New-York, Enquire for the Recruiting Officer belonging to the King's American Dragoons.

TEN GUINEAS will be given to any man who offers himself a Volunteer; And FIVE GUINEAS will be given to any man who brings a Recruit to the Regiment, or to any Recruiting Officer belonging to it, besides FIVE GUINEAS Bounty, which shall be given to the Recruit.

N.B. The men are engaged for no longer than two years, or during the war, and when they are discharged, they shall be entitled to very considerable advantages, which will be explained to them when they apply.

The Royal Gazette, (New York), June 22, 1782.

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