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King's American Dragoons


For raising a Regiment of Light Dragoons in North America to be called the Kings American Dragoons.

To be commanded by Timothy RUGGLES Esqr. Brigadier General of Provincial Forces in America during the last war, Deputy Surveyor General of the Woods, & late of His Majesty's Council in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England.

The great want of Light Dragoons in the Army in North America, especially of late, since the 16th Regiment has been called Home, and the Rebels have so much encreased their Cavalry, and the great Expence of transporting Horses across the Atlantic, have induced the Subscriber to form these Proposals.

From Mr. RUGGLES's great Reputation as an Officer, and his Weight & Influence through the whole Continent of America, there is no doubt he will be able to compleat the Regiment in a short Time.

And a very fine Corps of Officers may be formed from an Independent Troop of Light Dragoons composed entirely of Gentlemen of the first Families of Connections in America, who have served as Volunteers under the Command of the Subscriber since the Year 1777, & whose Conduct has met with the Approbation of the Commander in Chief & the several General Officers, in whose Divisions they have served.

1st-   That the Regiment do consist of Six Troops each Troop to be composed of.
            3 Commissioned Officers
            1 Staff Officer
            2 Serjeants
            2 Corporals
            1 Trumpeter
            1 Farrier &
          55 Privates

The Regiment will therefore consist of
              1 Colonel
              1 Lieut. Colonel
              1 Major
              3 Captains
              1 Capt. Lieutenant
              5 Lieutenants
              6 Cornets
              1 Chaplain
              1 Adjutant
              1 Surgeon
              1 Surgeons Mate
              6 Quarter Masters
            12 Serjeants
            12 Corporals
              6 Trumpeters
              6 Farriers &
          330 Privates

2nd-   That no Expence shall arise to Government in raising the Men excepting only that each Recruit shall be entitled to the same Encouragement as has been given and is held out to those who have inlisted in the Provincial Regiments that have already been raised in America for His Majesty's Service.

3d-   That the Coll. be authorised to assure the men who shall inlist in this Regiment that they shall not be liable to be drafted against their Consent into any other Regiment or Corps.

4th-   That the Regiment be clothed, armed & accoutred as near as possible like the Regiments of Light Dragoons upon the British Establishment.

5th-   That the Colonel be allowed to recommend such Persons as he shall think proper for Officers to be approved of by the King or his Commander in Chief, provided that no Persons shall be recommended for Commissions, but as are Gentlemen of Education & Influence in America and have suffered in their Property on Account of their Loyalty.

6th-   That no Person who shall hold a Commission in this Regiment shall receive any Pension or Allowance from Government for Support as an American Sufferer.

7th-   To remove the Objection that has been made to the issuing of Warrants for raising new Corps in America, that of loading the Establishment with a great Number of Officers without a due proportion of private Men, by which an unnecessary Expence has heretofore been incurred, it is to be understood that the Commission & Staff Officers of this Regiment shall be allowed no Pay till half the Number of Privates or 165 Men exclusive of Officers are actually raised & then that they shall be intitled to half the usual Pay of their several Ranks & no more, until their Regiment is completed, when their full Pay is to commence.

8th-   That as soon as the said Regiment shall be completed to the proposed Establishment, the Rank of the Officers shall become permanent in America, and they shall be entitled to the Indulgencies held out in the King's Order to Sir Henry CLINTON of the 23d of January 1779, respecting the Provincial Regiments, that should be so completed, & shou'd be recommended to His Majesty by his Commander in Chief.

Signed in behalf of Brigr. Genl. RUGGLES by
D. MURRAY   Captain of an
Independent Troop of Light Dragoons

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/2812.

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