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King's American Dragoons
Memorial of Lt. Col. Benjamin Thompson

To His Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON K.B. General and
Commander in Chief of all His Majestys Forces within
The Colonies lying on the Atlantic Ocean from Nova
Scotia to West Florida Inclusive &c &c &c

Lieut. Colonel THOMPSON begs leave to return your Excellency his unfeigned thanks for all the distinguished marks of your Goodness to him, particularly for the last most flattering proof of your Excellencys approbation, that of appointing him to the Command of a Body of Light Troops which were to have been raised for His Majestys Service in the West Indies had not Peace taken place.

As there seems to be no longer any prospects of Service in that quarter of the World, upon a supposition that the late accounts from Europe should be confirmed and that the plan for sending Troops from hence to the West Indies should be laid aside, Lieutenant Colonel THOMPSON trusting to your Excellencys Goodness for forgivness if his request should be improper, he humbly begs leave to sollicit your Excellency.

That the Kings American Dragoons may be dismounted immediately, and their Cavalry appointments be packed up and lodged with the Public Stores of the Army.

That the Regiment may be sent to Hallifax, New Windsor, Cumberland or some other part of Nova Scotia by the first opportunity, there to remain and do duty till further Orders,

That upon their arrival at the place of their destination such of the men as have families, and others desirous of making settlements have leave granted to them for that purpose, to be discharged if they require it.

That Lieut. Colonel THOMPSON may have leave to go to England there to sollicit in behalf of himself and the Corps, that they may be employed in the East Indies, or in some other part of His Majestys Dominions where their Services may be wanted.

Lieut. Colonel THOMPSON further begs leave to sollicit your Excellency:

That in consideration of the great losses the Officers of the Kings American Dragoons must suffer by disposing of their Horses at this place they may be allowed to take one Horse each to Nova Scotia, and that a conveyance may be provided for them.

And that in consideration of the Sums that have been advanced by the Officers of the Regiment in purchasing Troop Horses at a higher price than has been allowed by Government (which sums for the credit of the Regiment and the good of the Service they have been induced to furnish by voluntary contributions,) they may be reimbursed in the whole, or in part, out of the Monies that may arise by the Sale of those Horses should they be disposed of in that way.

Commandt. Kings A. Drags.

New York
4th April 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America, PRO 30/55/7320.

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