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King's American Dragoons
Thompson to Germain

New York 14th Sept. 1782.

My dear Lord

The Kings American Dragoons has at length been acknowledged a complete Corps, and we have had the honor to receive the thanks of the Commander in Chief for our Exertions.

He writes to the Secretary of State by the present conveyance recommending us in the strongest terms for permanent Rank; and for half pay upon the reduction of the Regiment.

Inclosed I send you all memorials, certificates &c relative to this business, and by them you will see how very industrious we have been.

The World says, and even the Provincial Regiments acknowledge that we have merited the indulgences we lay claim to.

Sir Guy CARLETONs private opinion is that it is impossible that any difficulties can be made, or objections, to complying with his recommendation-

He says our claim is fair, and he does not conceive that any objections will be made to granting our request. Pray Heaven we may find it so! We shall not then have laboured in vain!

Some People think the Regiment will be sent to Nova Scotia or to Canada, and be kept up there. Perhaps you will send us to India- it is a thousand pities so fine a Regiment should be anihilated.

I am much flattered by your approbation of my conduct as an Officer, in South Carolina; and am pleased to find you were not tired with my long naration.

When I can find a little more leisure I shall be encouraged to resume the thread of my discourse; and there are there are [sic] some incidents yet to be taken notice of which are much more interesting than any thing you have yet heard.

But you must remember I object mightily to your giving my Letters to Mr. FISHER, or sending them to Whitehall make any other use of them you think proper.

I am told that the Frigate is getting under way, and that I have not a moment to lose.

[Benjamin THOMPSON]

[Lord George GERMAIN]

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sackville-Germain Papers, Volume 16.

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