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King's American Dragoons
Thompson to Germain

New York 17th August 1782.

My dear Lord,

I came here from Camp last night after the Evening Parade, and shall return immediately. Being at Present Commanding Officer in the District where we are Encamped I am obliged to be constantly with the Regiment.

The Queens Rangers and the British Legion have joined and we are all encamped upon Ireland Heights, between Flushing and Jamaica, the ground lately occupied by the British Grenadiers.

I have now the pleasure of acquainting you that the Board of General Officers who were appointed to investigate the claims of the Officers of the Kings Amn. Dragoons have reported in our favor in the fullest manner, which Report the Commander in Chief transmits to the Secretary of State by this Packet, accompanied by a strong Letter of recommendation.

What effect this will have upon His Majestys Present Ministers God only knows! Or how far any application from our friends in England would avail us. I am sure if you see an opportunity of assisting us at this important moment of our fate you will improve it.

My Papers are all in the Country or I would transmit you copies of such as are of importance to us- I shall return however immediately and Possibly I may be in time to send them in time for the mail.

The Regiment is really a very fine one, and there is scarsely a man in it I could not carry to any Quarter of the Globe-

Why should not the India Company take us into their Service? No Corps was ever half so well appointed, and the addition of our Troop of Artillery would make us truely formidable in That Country.

I have tried our Guns & find them to answer admirably and have lately astonished all the world by taking them up on Horse back.

Three Horses carry the Gun with it[s] Carriage, Ammunition Boxes &c, with the Greatest ease, and at any Pace.

I have promised to show the Commander in Chief one of them taking a flying leap at a five Barr'd Gate; and I have little doubt, but I shall be able soon to show him one swimming over a River.

I have contrived a Breast-Plate for the Horse, (analogom to the Cork waistcoats) which will effectually prevent his sinking with the weight of the Gun upon his back.

Our men are already so expert that they take the Gun with all its apparatus from the Horses backs, put it together and fire it in the space of one minute and a Quarter, and in one minute more it is on Horse back again.

It carries its round shott further and truer, and shoots its grape better than any Gun in the Service.

I hit a tree the other Evening, (less than a large mans body) at the distance of 300 Yards three time in five shots, with single Bullets.

Adieu, My Dear Lord, I am this instant setting out for Camp.

I am ever Most Sincerely Yours
B[enjamin] T[HOMPSON]

Brook WATSON is my friend- He conceives he is showing his Gratitude to you by rendering me every Service in his Power. He speads in the warmest terms of your Goodness to him. May I beg to [be] remembered to all who interest themselves in my happiness? Perhaps this may not give you much trouble.

The Lord Viscount SACKVILLE

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sackville-Germain Papers, Volume 16.

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