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Governor Wentworth's Volunteers
Subscribers to Clinton

To his Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON Lieut. General
& Knight of the most Honorable order of the Bath.

The Subscribers (belonging to a Company of Volunteers now station'd at Bedford on Long Island) take this earliest Opportunity of acknowledging their Gratitude to your Excellency for the proposal communicated to us by the Inspector General

they with the greatest possible alacrity accept the offer made them & they will immediately exert their utmost endeavours to equip themselves in a manner agreeable to yr. Excellency's intentions.

With respect to that part of your Excellency's message which relates to their support they humbly beg leave to observe, That altho' many of the members of this Company possess'd considerable Property & some of them ample Fortunes before the Rebellion in America, they are now depriv'd of any Benefit therefrom.

They engag'd in the service of their Sovereign, from principles as truly disinterested as their Circumstances would admit.

When this company were originally form'd under the patronage of his Excellency Govr. WENTWORTH the members sanguinely anticipated a very speedy conclusion of the war

the continuance of it beyond their Expectations has render'd it difficult for some of them to subsist.

They now wish only for such support as the nature of the Service in which they may be engag'd will require; & (with your Excellency's permission) they will chearfully submit this matter to the determination of the Inspector General, whose attention to the Company in this & other Instances merits their grateful Acknowledgements-

Town Province
Daniel MURRAY Rutland Massachusetts Bay
Benjamin WHITING Hollis New Hampshire
Elijah WILLIAMS Keene New Hampshire
Samuel MURRAY Rutland Massachusetts Bay
John MURRAY Rutland Massachusetts Bay
Robert MURRAY Rutland Massachusetts Bay
Timothy DWIGHT Medfield Massachusetts Bay
Solomon WILLARD Winchester New Hampshire
Caleb HOW Hindsdale New Hampshire
Roland PARKS Westfield Massachusetts Bay
X Thomas CUMINGS X Hollis x New Hampshire x
Jacob BROWN Newmarket New Hampshire
John DAVIDSON Londonderry New Hampshire
Thomas CUTLER Keene New Hampshire
Enos STEVENS Charlestown New Hampshire
Simeon JONES Hindsdale New Hampshire
Daniel FARNSWORTH New Ipswich New Hampshire
Thomas BANISTER Newport Rhode Island
Isaac TOMLINSON Woodbury Connecticut
Russell TOMLINSON Woodbury Connecticut
Jabez BACON Woodbury Connecticut
William CURTIS Worcester Massachusetts Bay

[no date]

National Archives of Canada, RG 8, "C" Series, Volume 1893.

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