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Governor Wentworth's Volunteers
Report of Formation

Report Flushing 16th Octr. 1777

The Within Company is formed under the immediate Patronage of His Excellency John WENTWORTH Esqr. Governor of the Province of New Hampshire.

It consists of twenty eight effective Men (including Officers). They are Persons of Education and reputable Families who have personally suffered variety of Persecutions, and appear now firmly determined to give additional Proofs of their Attachment to the Cause of Government by exerting their utmost Endeavours to suppress the Rebellion in America.

The Commission Officers & Men claim no pay or Emoluments. They purchase their Cloaths & Accoutrements, and at present are completely equiped except with some small Articles, such as Canteens &ca which are not easily procured.

Thay are now at Flushing on the Sound Sixteen Miles from Brooklyn Ferry. Since abandoning Morrissania, this appears a Place of some Importance, as it's much exposed to Incursions. 'Tis notorious that many of the Inhabitants are disaffected to Government, and without a military Check may receive and furnish intelligence. It is in the Vicinity of Flat Bush, where are now on Parole a very considerable number of Rebel Officers, "whose Conduct lately has afforded Reason for Conclusion that their intentions are mischievous."

It is a temporary Magazine of Forage and Cattle for the King's Use are now at Pasture there. It is the most convenient Post to afford the first Aid in Case of Attacks to the Eastward, and this Company has been repeatedly called on such Service. It is also the Residence of many respectable Families whose Situation will be insecure unless Troops are continued there.

It is the United Request of the Company to be employed in such service as may appear to the Commander in Chief most conducive to the Public Good. They impatiently wait particular Instructions, the Want of which subjects them to many Inconveniencies.

(Signed) Ed WINDLOW
Mr. Mr. GI. Provl. Forces

Lieut. Col. INNES
Inspr Genl. Provl. Forces &ca

I do hereby certify that the above Report is an exact Copy of the Original now in my office and was made to Me by the Muster Master Genl. of Provincial Forces in Octr. 1777.

(Signed) Alex INNES Col:
(Late) Inspr. Genl. P Forces

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 1. Volume 634, folio 192.

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