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Black Pioneers: Word of the Lord

August 16th

Murphy STIEL of the Black Pioneers Says, That about a forthnight ago at Noon, when he was in the Barracks of The Company in Water Street, he heard a Voice like a Man's (but saw no body) which called him by his name, and desired him to go and tell The Commander in Chief, Sir Henry CLINTON, to send word to Genl. Washington That he must Surrender himself and his Troops to the King's Army, and that if he did not the wrath of God would fall upon them.

That if General Washington did not Surrender, The Commr. in Chief was then to tell him, that he would raise all the Blacks in America to fight against him. The Voice also said that King George must be acquainted with the above.

That the same Voice repeated the aforesaid Message to him several times afterwards and three days ago in Queen Street insisted that he should tell it to Sir Henry CLINTON, upon which he answered that he was afraid to do it, as he did not see the Person that spoke.

That the Voice then said that he must tell it, that he was not to see him for that he was the Lord, and that he must acquaint Sir Henry CLINTON that it was the Lord that spoke this; and to tell Sir Henry also, that he and Lord CORNWALLIS was to put an end to this Rebellion, for that the Lord would be on their Side.

University of Michigan, William L. Clements Library, Sir Henry Clinton Papers, Volume 170, item 27.

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