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Orderly Books
Quebec Orderly Book

Head Qrs. Quebec 23rd August 1780

Parole St. Paul                                                         (CS) Canterbury

Captain Neile MACLEAN of the 84th Regt. tried at the General Court Martial of which Brigr. Genl. POWELL is President, for repeated Neglects and disobedience of Orders.

The Court is of Opinion that the Prisoner Obeyed the Order of the 25th Decemr. 1779 as far as Circumstances would admit of, & therefore Acquit him of that part of the charge, but think that the prisoner is guilty of repeated Neglects in not having his Company properly provided with necessaries, and likewise guilty of disobedience of Orders, in not paying the Master Taylors Bill in breach of the 3rd Article of the 20th Section, and the latter part of the 5th Article of the 2nd Section of the Articles of War, and therefore Sentence him to be suspended from pay and duty for Six Months, & likewise be reprimanded in such a manner as the Commander in Chief shall please to direct.

The Commander in Chief approves of the above Sentence, but in consideration of Captain Neile MACLEAN's long Services he remits that part of it which orders him to be suspended from pay and duty for Six Months, but it being highly necessary for the support of a due Subordination He is pleased to direct that Captain Neile MACLEAN, be severely reprimanded in the presence of the Officers, by Brigadier Genl. MACLEAN, at the Head Quarters of the Regiment, and hopes this Example will prevent for the future all Neglects, and that a proper Attention will be paid to the Commands of Superiors.

Great Britain, British Library, Additional Manuscripts, No. 21,743, folios 70-71.

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