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Orderly Books
Doctor John Jeffries, June 3rd, 1778


June 3d [1778] General Orders

Copy of a Letter from his Excellency Sr. Wm. HOWE to Genl. MASSEY.

Philadelphia 4th April 1778

Dear Sir

The enclosed orders respecting the Provincial Corps in Nova Scotia, will I hope rectify many irregularities in the Settlement of their Accounts of Subsistance, & other particulars to which they relate; I am to desire you will be pleased to give your attention, to the punctual Execution of them, & that you will order the Agents for the Payments of those Corps, the Muster Masters, & all Persons, concerned in the money Transactions, to report to you any deviations that may be made from these Orders. I have the Honor to be

                                                               Dear Sir-
                                              Your most Obedt. & humble
                                                                     Wm. HOWE

Major Genl. MASSEY &c &c &c

June.  General Orders, respecting Provincial Corps in Nova Scotia- The Officers are to be paid their full pay, in the Same Manner, as the other Provincial Regts. and to be subject to the same Deduction of Poundage & Agency. All the Officers names to be inserted in the Pay lists and no Money to be drawn for officers who are prisoners with the Enemy; their names however are to be mentioned at the bottom of each Abstract for Pay and their Draughts to be acknowledged, provided they do no[t] exceed their Subsistance due.

No money to be drawn for any non commissd. Officers or Private Prisons. with the Rebels, but the number in that Situation to be always expressed, they are nevertheless to receive their Pay, on being exchanged or when they return-

The Rations of Provisions received to be regularly accounted for, three Contingent Men per Compy. will be allowed every half year- 4s/4d to each effective Serjt. 3s/3d to each effective Corporal, Drummer & fifer, and -s/3d to each effective Private Man, is to be continued, as a special Bounty to the R.H. Emigrants & R.F. American Corps.

The Paymaster & Surgeons Allowance of 2d for every Serjt., 1d/1/2 for every Corpl. fifer & Drummer & 1d for each private Man, will be also be allowed. Two Pounds Bounty money will be also paid for every recruit certified by the Muster Master to be enlisted.

No other changes but these will be allow'd on any Acct. till they have Recd. the Sanction of the Commg. Officer at Halifax & shall be afterwards approved of by the Commander in Chief.

The muster master as well as the Commanding Officer of Each Corps must Certify the paylist of the Officers Non Commissd. Officers & privates Subsistence before they are presented.

The forms in making out the Accts. will be given by Messrs. GORDON & CROWDER Agents to the Provincial Corps, or by their Deputy at Halifax, which forms are to be Strictly attended to, & Every assistance afforded by the Commandg. Officer that may be found requisite for forwarding the settlements of these Accounts.

Should any Cloathing have been Ordered from England by any of the Corps, the same is to be Lodged in Store on Acct. of Governmt. & a return be sent to the Commander in chief with the Difft. Charges there upon, who will order paymt. to be made to the persons from whom it has been ordered, when approved of.

The Paymasters of Regimts. are regularly to Deduct in their musterly Accts. what Ever money they have Drawn for men who have Died, Deserted &c. During the muster preceeding.

The Deputy Agent for the Provincial Corps, at Halifax is to Transmit Copies of these regulations to the Respective Corps & to report to the officer Commanding the Troops in Nova Scotia, any Disobedience or Diviation from them which may occur on the part of the persons Concerned.

                                                                Wm. HOWE

His Excellency Sir Wm. HOWE has been pleased to make the following promotions in the L.N.S.V.

Danl. CUNNINGHAM Esqr. to be Capt. his Commission bearing date 13th March 1778.

Jones FAWSON Gent. to be Lieut. his Commission bears date 17th April 1777.

Chas. MORRIS Gent. to be Lieut. his Commission bears date 13th March 1778.

Thoms. FITZSIMONS Gent. to be Adjt. his Commission bears date 13th March 1778.

Orderly Book of Doctor John Jeffries, 28 December 1777 - 10 October 1778, Houghton Library, Harvard University, b.MS AM1220.21.

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