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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Roger Stevens of Vermont

To The Honorable Commissioners
Appointed by Act of Parliament for
enquiring into the Losses and Services of the
American Loyalists.

The Memorial of Roger STEVENS Jur: late of Pitsford in the State of Vermont now of St: Johns in the Province of Canada

Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist previous to the late War, resided in the Town of Pitsford in the State of Vermont, where he was possessed of a good Farm, Mills and Stock of Cattle.

That your Memorialist always remained firmly Attached to the British Government, and in the Year 1776 did all in his power at the risque of his life to impede the measures of Congress by discouraging the people from from [sic] taking Arms, and secreeting and helping the friends to Government with money and Provisions to make their escape to the British Armies, in consequence of which your memorialist was often Apprehended imprisoned and tried, and once suffered by being inhumanely beaten at the discretion of a mob.

That in the Year 1777 he joined the British Army at Skeensborough, and some time after was appointed Lieutenant in the Kings Rangers, where he was constantly employed on Secret Service and Scouting parties (even in the most rigorous season of the Year) into the interior parts of the Country to procure intelligence from the Enemy, was once taken prisoner, put in Irons, and confined in Bennington Jail from whence he made his escape and rejoined the Kings Troops at St. Johns where he has remained since the peace.

In Consequence of which he was indicted and out Lawed, and all his Estate Real & personal was Seized Confiscated & sold agreeable to a Law of that State.

Your Memorialist therefore most Humbly prays that his case may be taken into consideration, and such favorable report made thereon as his losses and Services may Appear to Deserve.


Great Britain, Public Record Office, War Office, Class 13, Volume 59, folio 275.

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