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Claims and Memorials
Decision on the Claim of George Mills of Virginia

MILLS, George  —  a Black  —  Virginia

3rd Septemr. 1783

He was born on the Coast of Guinea & was carried to America & sold there– he had been in America about 5 Years before the troubles.

He lived at Portsmouth in Virginia, his Master was Capt. Avery, about 8 Years ago he ran away from his Master & came to Lord DUNMORE–

he admits that he has gained his Liberty by the Rebellion–

he served under Lord DUNMORE about a year & then came to New York to Lord HOWE he has been on Board a Ship ever since, He thinks he lost about £ 10.

There is no Certificate annexed to his Memorial nor is there any Occasion to bring any to his Property as it is so small but he is desired to bring some Certificates to his having served under Lord DUNMORE, & Lord HOWE.

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Entd.  —  Decision

This Man is in the same predicament with most of the Blacks he gives no proof at all of his Case However he does not pretend to great Losses & he is Candid enough to admit that he gained his liberty by the Rebellion we are clearly of Opinion that he has no right to ask or expect any thing from Government.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 99, folios 23–24.

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