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Claims and Memorials
Decision on the Claim of George Miller of Virginia

MILLER, Geo:    a Black    Virginia

4th Septemt. 1783

He was born in America & was born free at the time the Rebellion broke out he kept a Boat & made a good living by it

he had about 100 Acres of Land & an House furniture &c which is valued at 745

he served on Board several Ships & was in the Engagement with Count de Grasse.

He had his House & Land from his father.

This Memorial is written by Mr. WILLIAMS who has written many of them & there is no Certificate to it of any sort.

Being asked whether he should have any objection to swear to the truth of it he says no because it is true,

However there is no proof of it & it appears to be under very Suspicious Circumstances because he brings a paper which purports to be a voluntary Affidavit of Mr. Jno. WILLIAMS made before R. SMITH in which he swears that he never recd. any thing from Geo. MILLER, Henry BROWN, or James FRANKLAND for presenting their Memorials to the Treasury.

He is desired to procure some proof of this property, he says he cannot do it from any person but Mr. WILLIAMS who he says was a Traveler in that Country.

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Entd.    Decision

This Man admitted at the time that his Case was heard that he could not give any proof of it but by Mr. WILLIAMS who he says was a Traveler in the Country & who seems to be ready to give a Certificate to any body, we pay no attention to what Mr. WILLIAMS says & therefore we consider it as a Case in which no proof has been given & of course our Opinion is that he is not entitled to any thing.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 99, folios 8485.

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Invasion of Virginia, 1781
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