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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of William Cunningham of South Carolina

To The Right Honorable Lord SYDNEY, one of
His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, &c
&c &c.

The Memorial of William CUNNINGHAM, late Major South Carolina Dragoons

Humbly Sheweth

That upon His Majesty's Troops taking possession of the Province of Georgia, Your Memorialist assembled the Loyalists in the District of Ninety Six, South Carolina, and accompanied by 600 men, set off for Georgia; and being twice Attacked by the Rebels on the march, many of the men killed, or taken, & others declining the enterprize, Your Memorialist with 330 men, joined the army under Colonel Archd. CAMPBELL at Briar Creek in Feby. 1779.

That Your Memorialist was immediately appointed Lieutenant in the 2d Battn. So. Carolina Royalists commanded by Colonel INNIS [Innes]; On the march of General PREVOST into Carolina, he was taken by the enemy, & after four Months confinement in the Goal at Charlestown, made his escape, & took shelter among his friends at Ninety Six, until the reduction of Charlestown, when, in pursuance of General CLINTON's Proclamation he joined the Loyalists, (& the 2d Battn. So. Cara. Royalists being draughted into the first) continued to perform various Service with them; in consideration of which he was allowed his pay as Lieutenant aforesaid, until he was appointed by Colonel BALFOUR, Captain of a Troop of Provincial Light Horse, under Major DUNLOP: which Troop he raised, & served accordingly until the Major was killed in 1781.

That Your Memorialist was soon after Appointed by Col. BALFOUR, Major of Provincial Light Horse, with Orders to raise four Troops, which he soon compleated, & were attached to Lord RAWDON's Regiment, the Volunteers of Ireland: in which station he acted until the evacuation of Charlestown, when they were dismissed with three months pay advanced; and Your Memorialist, went to East Florida, & from thence to the Bahama's.

That Your Memorialist having lost all his Property, & being reduced to very great distress, most humbly hopes his Services & Sufferings in the Royal Cause will appear to have been such as may merit the favor & Support of His Majesty's Ministers.

Your Memorialist therefore humbly begs Your Lordship will be pleased to take his Case into Your consideration: and that you will be pleased to Grant him Half Pay as Major of Provincials aforesaid.

And Your Memorialist will ever Pray &c &c &c


London May 11th, 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class I, Volume 631, folio 271.

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