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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Thomas Banister of Rhode Island

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of
Parliament for enquiring into the losses
and services of the American Loyalists

The Memorial of Thomas BANISTER by his Attorney Ward CHIPMAN most humbly Sheweth

That your memorialist is a native of Rhode Island and has ever been a faithful and loyal Subject of his Majesty;- That for his loyalty & attachment to the British Constitution & Government, he was persecuted by the rebellious Inhabitants of Rhode Island untill that place was taken possession of by the Kings Troops in the year 1776.

That in the year 1777, he entered a Volunteer, in the Corps called Governor Wentworth's Volunteers and served in the same untill it was disbanded in the year 1781, from which time untill the evacuation of New York he was supported by an allowance ordered to him by the several Commanders in Chief at New York;- That he is now in the Province of Nova Scotia, without any means of support whatever.

That your memorialist was possessed of a very valuable property a Schedule whereof is hereunto annexed, that a principal part of his estate in Rhode Island was laid waste & destroyed for the preservation of the King's Troops there, as may appear by the certificate hereunto annexed; and the land itself confiscated to the use of the State of Rhode Island immediately after that place was evacuated by the King's Troops, which appears by an attested copy of the proceedings of the Court which is annexed to this memorial.

That your memorialist being in Nova Scotia has it not in his power to exhibit all the requisite proofs of his property that has been confiscated and of the value thereof, within the time limited by the act of Parliament for receiving the Claims of the American Loyalists but humbly prays that this his memorial may be received and that he may be permitted hereafter to furnish such proofs as will effectually establish his claim for his services and great losses.

Your Memorialist therefore prays his case may be taken into consideration in order that under your report he may be enabled to receive such aid or relief as his losses & services nay be found to deserve.

Ward CHIPMAN Attorney
to Thomas BANISTER

London March 24th 1784

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 59, folios 24-25.

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