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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of John Young of Pennsylvania

To the Right Honourable The Lords
Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury.

The Memorial of John YOUNG an American Loyalist

Respectfully Sheweth

That Your Memorialist did in the month of March 1776; without the Hope [torn] or the Prospect of Advantage incited by no Motive [torn] Loyalty, and a lively Sence of his Duty, leave his Friends, and Property in Pennsylvania, and go on board his Majesty's Ship Phaniu, at that Time laying in the Harbour of New York with an Intention of serving his Majesty as a Volunteer in his Army at Boston.

That on his Passage to Boston he was shipwrecked on the End of Long Island, made Prisoner by the Americans and kept one year and Six Months in Confinement. Soon after his Release he obtained a Commission of Lieutenant (from Sir William HOWE) in the Corps of Pennsylvania Loyalists and on the 3d of August 1778 was removed to an Ensigncy in the 42d Regiment in which he continued faithfully to serve till the Peace.

That Your Memorialist was, at the Time of his joining the Royal Army, seized of an Estate consisting of nine Hundred Acres of Land in the Counties of Northampton and Westmoreland in the Province of Pennsylvania.

That in the Year 1777 Your Memorialist was, from his Services and Attachment to his Majesty's Government, attainted of Treason to the new-created Commonwealth; and the whole of the abovementioned Estate confiscated and sold for the Use thereof.

That at the Conclusion of the Peace, and not till then, your Memorialist asked and obtained his Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON's Permission to come to England to solicit a Requital for the Loss of his Patrimony: and he has accordingly given a just State thereof to the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament for inquiring into the Services and Losses of American Loyalists; and from whom he has no Doubt of receiving such Recompence as his Case may merit.

That Your Memorialist has been since his Arrival in England, (which was in May last) reduced upon half Pay as Lieutenant, Without Money, or the Means of obtaining it; plunged in Debt by the Expences of his Voyage and the further Expence of living in London, whether he came only to prosecute his Claim, he was reduced to the Necessity of parting with his last Resource, and selling the half of his half Pay, to save him from immediate Famine; The smal Sum raised thereby is nearly expended, though it has been managed with penurious Frugality; and your Memorialist is now actually existing upon twenty Pounds a Year.

Your Memonalist prays therefore that your Lordships would be pleased to take his Case into your Consideration, and allot him a temporary Support until his Claims are considered and determined on by the Commissioners aforesaid.


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 95, folio 484.

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