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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Gideon Vernon of Pennsylvania

To the Honorable Thomas DUNDAS and
Jeremy PEMBERTON, Esqrs. Commissioners
for enquiring into the Losses and Services of
all such Persons, who have suffered in their
Rights, Properties and Professions, in
America, from Loyalty to His Majesty, and
Attachment to the British Government—

The Memorial of Gideon VERNON

Humbly Shews

That your Memorialist, on Account of his Loyalty was driven from Providence in Pensylvania, the 11th of Sepr. 1777 but could not get either to the Army or Shipping till the 20th of the same Month, when he got on board His Majesty’s Ship Eagle then laying in the River Delaware.

That on the 27th of the Month he was employed by Lord HOWE to carry Letters to Sir William HOWE at German-Town.

That he was bussily employed in going from the Army to the Shipping till Mud-Island was taken.

That after that he remained in Philadelphia till the Evacuation, doing many Services in the Course of the Winter, such as being a Guide to Scouting Parties, and finding out the Situation of the Rebel Army when they lay at Valley Forge.

That one Service in particular, was being concerned in taking 60 Rifle Men who lay at a place called the Fox Chase about 12 Miles from Philadelphia, who were constantly intercepting the Country People who were coming to Market. That at the same Time we took of[f] another Party.

That these Captors opened the Communication for Some Time in that Quarter, and enabled the Market People to come in again as usual.

That when Philadelphia was evacuated, he went with the Army to New York and there remained out of Business till the 18th of November following, and then being importuned by Sir Henry CLINTON and Major ANDRE, (to whose solicitations I always yielded implicit Obedience) to go to the back Parts of Pensylvania on Business for His Excellency, which he said was of the greatest Importance to Government.

Part of the Business was in Letters, the rest was verble, and took me up two Months to accomplish it, it being worst Season of the Year and attended with the most eminent Danger.

That after obeying my Orders I returned to New York with such Reports as were required of me, but never was paid for my Trouble and Expences.

That after performing this Service, he went and resided on Long Island till the Year 1781.

That being well acquainted with the Country His Excellency the General was very anxious for him to take a Commission, and accordingly he was sent for several Times, but his Situation at that Time did not admit of it, though he afterwards did accept of it.

That after he took the Commission he was employed in intercepting the Rebel Mails and actually did intercept four—One within 10 Miles of Baltimore—two by Wilmington and one between Trenton and Frankfort.

That your Memorialist could recount many Particulars of his Exertions in favor of Government.

That your Memorialist has suffered from his Attachment to Government in his Property as is particularized in the Estimate which accompanies this Memorial, and your Memorialists Attachment to Government was such, and his Exertion so Public that the Assembly of Pensylvania, confiscated his Property—out lawed him, and offered a Reward of 300 Guineas for him Dead or alive.

He therefore trusts you will take his Case into Consideration and grant such Relief as to you may seem meet, and as in duty bound will ever pray &c.


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 57, folio 481.

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