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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Henry Magee of Pennsylvania

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of
Parliament to enquire into the Losses,
Services & Sufferings of the American

The Memorial of Henry MAGEE late Miller & Millwright, a Loyalist from Pensylvania, Cumberland County in North America.

Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist has suffered in his Rights, Property & Profession during the late unhappy Dissentions in North America, in consequence of his Loyalty & Attachment to the Brittish Government, having suffered a long and painful Imprisonment in the Province of Pensylvania, subject to repeated Insults and Danger of his Life, untill sometime in the year 1778 being in Jail with Major STOGDON [sic—STOCKTON], Capt. HARRISON, Lieuts. MORRISON and MUNRO, and other Officers belonging to the Jersey Volunteers.

They gave him Instructions how to proceed in case he could effect his Escape, which he soon after did, and taking the Command of Thirty–One Loyalists (who had sheltered themselves in the Mountains) he supplied them with Money and Victuals, until 400 more Joined from different Parts, in order to Join Sir John JOHNSON to the Northward,

but on the way to Catatrion Fort, on the Allegany River, your Memorialist and the Party were pursued by 500 Rebells, and fired upon by the Indians, and were compelled to return to the Mountains, when a Christopher WEST (who was one of their Party) deserted over to the Rebells, & informed against them, which circumstance occasioned the whole Body to separate, otherwise they had determined to make their way to Philadelphia,

at which place your Memorialist with some of the Party arrived, about the Middle of May, and Immediately informed Sir Henry CLINTON of the whole of their Proceedings, and likewise acquainted Lord CORNWALLIS of the same, who gave your Memorialist an handsome Present, promising at the same Time that he should be further Noticed. The British Troops being at that Time in Philadelphia.

Your Memorialist then proceeded with the Troops to New York, he was there recommended to Colo. Guy JOHNSON & received from him Seven Pounds New York Currency, which with his Lordship’s Present is all the Money he ever received, or any other Support whatever from Government.

Your Memorialist now resides in Nova Scotia, at which place he arrived late in the year 1778 with Col. Guy JOHNSON and has drawn the King’s Bounty of Rations since that period.

Your Memorialist therefore hopes that the Honble. the Commissioners will be pleased to take his Situation into their consideration, and recommend him for such compensation as in their wisdom and Justice may seem fit. And your Memorialist as in Duty bound will

Ever Pray

January 28th 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 57, folios 311–312.

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