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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Thomas William Moore of New York

To the Commissioners appointed by the Act of Parliament
for enquiring into the Losses and Services of the American

The Memorial of Captain Thos. Wm. MOORE of the late Second Battalion of DeLancey's Brigade.


That Your Memorialist is a Native of America and a faithfull Subject of His Majesty.

That your Memorialist from the Commencement of the late dispute manifested the Sincerest attachment to the British Government and thereby Subjected himself to the Resentment of the Provincial Congress at New York and on refusing to Associate with them or to give up his Arms was Committed to Prison the 14th of May 1776 by a Warrant directed to Alexander Moncreiffe Keeper of Bridewell.

That your Memorialist was kept a Close Prisoner till the 29th of June following when he was admitted to Bail to appear when call'd on, and being informed by a Friend that unless he would change his Sentiments he wou'd in a few days be remanded to Prison, your Memorialist made his Escape in the Night and got to Staten Island from whence he procured a small Boat by the Assistance of Mr. MILNER and a Mr. SeGANG to carry him and his Servant on board the British Fleet which lay distant about Eighteen Miles.

That your Memorialist took off a Rebell Rifle Man who was watching him, to prevent his informing against his friends MILNER and SeGANG and fixed him in the Bow of the Boat.

That after several Hours severe Labor and fatigue in a leaky Boat being in momentary Apprehension of Sinking or drove by the turn of the tide on the Rebell Shore, your Memorialist was taken up by Sir Roger CURTIS who then Commanded the Senegal Man of War and lay at Anchor a Head of the British Fleet between One and two oClock in the Morning.

That your Memorialist imediately waited on Lord SHULDHAM and General Sir William HOWE the Commander in Chief as well as on Governor TRYON and offered himself a Volunteer and served as such under Colonel BREWERTON untill the Sixth of Septr. 1776 when your Memorialist Received a Captains Commission in the Second Battalion of DeLancey's from Sir William HOWE and acted that Rank 'till the 24th of June 1782 when the Battalion nearly expended in the Service was drafted in Carolina into the first Battalion, and your Memorialist with others Seconded by Order of Sir Henry CLINTON the Commander in Chief on full Pay 'till further provided for...

[A Native of Pennsylvania. Was settled in New York in 1774. Was a merchat. Arrived in England in January, 1783.]

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 12, Volume 20, folios 54-56.

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