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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Elizabeth McIntosh Dougherty MacDonald of New York

To the Right Honourable the Lord
Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury

The Petition of Elizabeth MacDONALD

most humbly Sheweth

That she is the Daughter of Daniel McINTOSH, late of Crown-Point, near Skeensbury, now of Montreal, was married to John DOUGHERTY, of the same Place, in 1775, upon the Event of of [sic] which Marriage, her said Father gave her 300 Acres of Land to settle upon.

That her Husband being discovered to have employed in conveying Intelligence to and from New-York and was obliged to leave his Habitation and seek Refuge in the British Lines, in March, 1777; and her Father being drove from His Home, by the Insurgents, she was necessitated to go to her Husband, leaving their whole Property.

That her Husband inlisted into General DeLancey's 2d Battalion, where he served as Serjeant, until the Seige of Savannah, when he died from the Fatigue he underwent.

That she married a Soldier of the 71st Regiment, named Edward MacDONALD, with whom she came to this Country.

That in Consequence of the Loyalty of her former Husband, and the Independence of America, she hath lost to the amount of 583. 14. 4. as appears by the annexed Schedule, she therefore prays that Your Lordships will be pleased to recommend her Case to the American Commissioners, or grant her what other Relief in the Premises, as to Your Lordship's wisdom shall appear proper, and she as in Duty bound, will ever pray, &c.

London: April 2, 1789.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 56, folio 93.

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