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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Moses Knapp of New York

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of
Parliament for enquiring into the Losses and
Services of the American Loyalists

The Memorial of Moses KNAPP late of the Precinct of Newburgh in the County of Ulster in the (late) Province of New York, at present of St. John in the Province of New Brunswick

Respectfully Sheweth

That your Memorialist opposed to the Utmost of his Power, Inch by Inch, the late Rebellion.

That being privately informed, that it was resolved he should be taken into Custody the 14th February 1776, he fled to New York & got on Board the Phonix & was on Board her, the Asia & Dutchess of Gordon & guarding the light House (being with others under the Direction of Governor TRYON) untill the April following.

When the Governor recommended his returning incog, into the Country, to engage Men, in his Majesties Service (a perillous Business). That he went 80 Miles & in a Month returned with 18 Recruits and at sundry Times, actually with great Hazard of his Life, brought in Seventy Nine Men.

That the 4th Day of May he sailed in the Lady Gage to Hallifax, to the Kings Army, where by the Help of said Recruits, men of more Address got Commissions & your Memorialist was only made a Sergeant in the New York Voluntiers & never paid for recruiting said men.

That he returned in said Corps with the Kings Army to New York.

That he landed with them at Staten Island.

Was in Action with General HOWE’s Army at long Island, York Island, the White Plains &c. and being sent in pursuit of some Deserters, was attacked by a superier Party of Rebels, wounded and taken Prisener. And being very obnoxius, suffered many months severe Confinement & by that means supposes he lost an Opertunity of getting a Commission.

That making his Escape he returned to the Corps of New York Volunteers and continued to act as a Sergeant, untill an Ulcer broke out on his Leg For which & his Services, his Attendance upon Duty in the Corps was dispensed with the latter Part of the Rebellion.

That he spent Eight Months in garrisoning a Fort on long Island.

That for Wages he advanced some of the men and his own Wages, Sixty Six pounds New–York Currency was due him.

For a part of which, Judgement in the Police at New–York was obtained against Archibald HAMILTON Esqr. commandant of Kings [sic—Queens] County but never executed, on Acct., as he understands, of the Collo. Circumstances.

And the Residue being never obtained of Government, He looks on the whole as lost.

Or However, he was obliged June 1783 to come to this Country with his Family, almost Pennyless, which has subjected him to great Disadvantages.

That altho he has laboured hard & been as frugal as possible, he has never been able to purchase a Cow.

That his two only Sons died Soldiers, in his Majesties Service, during the Rebellion & he from a State of Affluence obliged to struggle in old age, with Poverty in an uncultivated Wilderness.

That in Consequence of his Services & Attachment to the British Government your Memorialists Losses have been Seven Hundred and thirty four Pounds, Sixteen Shills. & 11d Sterling, as particular an Account of which is contained in the subjoyned Schedule as his present Situation will admit.

Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may be taken into your Consideration in Order that your memorialist may be enabled, under your Report to receive such Aid or Relief as his Losses & Services may be found to deserve.

[Moses KNAPP]

Kings County
20th Febry. 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 21, folios 264–265.

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