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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Divid [David] King of New York

Your Honour

I am a poor black who was borne in America I lived there till the begining of the War working at my business till Congrass order'd Govr. TRION [Tryon] to quit the Country I went on bord the Dutchess of Gordon

I laid down at sandy hook when Congrass put a proclamation Debt by Law whosoever was kecht going on bord to Him

I am one of the two that that was imployed by mayor MATHEW [Mathews] mayor of new York to Carrie letters on bord of the Asia & the Dutchess of Gordon to Govr. TRION [Tryon] & Conl. FANNEL [Fanning]

& we carried letters there till mayor MATHEWS was taken & Carried into the back Country then som of the man of war deserted & came on shore & told congrass that there was 2 blacks frequently brought letters on bord to Capt. WONDEPORT [Vandeput] & there was a great reward offered to ketch ane a one of us

& we ware forced to fly from there & go [to] Rhode Island & I served under Major ERBANG [D'Aubant] chief enginer & I had a narrow escape of being taken by the french I made my escape to England

there I Got Prest & sent on bord a man of war till pease was made & then I got my discharge now I am heare I got nothing to help me & my wife with after Leaving what little I had behind me I laid hout about 40 for Leather igainst the brittish troops landed I was oblidged to fly & leave it I hope Your honour will have Compassion on me & my wife

Divid KING

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He was a very trusty serviceable person in the way he mentions above--


London 24th March 1784

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London March 25th 1784

When I was Commanding Engineer at Rhode Island he served under me, and behaved himself very properly.


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 114, folio 687.

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