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Claims and Memorials
Deposition of John Hill of New York

I John HILL, being of Lawful Age, do Testify and Say, That when the late War commenced between Great Britain, and Her American Colonies, I was an Inn Keeper, in the City of New York, where my Incomes were Twenty pounds P month.

That I opposed the Rebellion, and was persecuted for my Loyalty.

That on the 6th of March 1775 I, and Captain William CUNNINGHAM, was taken by a Mob, who beat us with Clubs, and stoned us, then Committed us to Prison; and on the 15th of April following, we were tried for our lives; but escaped being Condemned, by the Interposition of the Foreman of the Jury, a Captain John WEATHERSHEAD, who was a Loyalist.

Afterwards we escaped to Boston, and on the 5th of May 1775, We Joined the British Troops, under the Command of Genl. GAGE; and soon after, entered into a Company of Volunteers, Commanded by Captain James FORREST, and the Deponent was appointed Quarter Master to the same Company.

That on the 17th of March 1776, he left Boston, with the Royal Army; but was taken at Sea, by the Rebels, and lost property, to the amount of 410 pounds, Sterling, himself, his Wife, & Daughter was carried back to Boston, and he confined in Prison 19 months; they were all tried For their lives, but not Condemned.

In November 1777, they were Exchanged, went to Halifax, and afterwards to New York, and Joined the Volunteer Company, Commanded by Mr. MATHEWS, Mayor of said City.

In July 1779, he was appointed Inspector of the Ferry, at Brooklyne; near New York, a place of great Trust, and received 10 shillings New York Currency, per Day.

In 1783 he left New York, when it was Evacuated by His Majesty's Troops, and went to Nova Scotia, and settled in Digby.

That when the Commissioners were at Halifax in 1786, he made application for half pay, as a Quarter Master, but was told by their Honors that Pensions, and Half Pay, was to be Settled in England.

That his losses, according to the best of his knowledge, amounts to 1436. pounds Sterling, of which sum he has only received about 213. 5. and thirty pounds of late for Temporary Support.

That as it is not in the power of the Commissioners to grant him any further Compensation, and as himself and family are reduced to very indigent circumstances, in consequence of his losses, Services, and Sufferings; on account of his loyalty to his Majesty, and attachment to the British Government; He has lately signed a Petition to Parliament, hoping he shall be put upon half pay, and receive further compensation for his losses.

And I the said John HILL, do further Testify That I am legally Constituted and appointed, to Act as an Attorney, in behalf of my Brother Mr. Richard HILL, a Loyalist, from Westminster, in the County of Cumberland in the Province of New York; who was driven from his habitation to the Royal Army at New York; He was Robbed of his property but appointed inspector, with myself, at said Brooklyn Ferry, for which Service, he received 10s Per day New York Currency.

He now resides at said Digby, where himself, & family are in very distressed circumstances: he being lame, by reason of a Dislocation, he received in his Thigh whilst he was in His Majesty's Service. He has received 100 pounds Only for his losses; but has not been put upon half pay, nor received any Annual Allowance for his Services. Therefore I have Signed a Petition to Parliament, in his behalf.

And further the deponent Sayeth Not.

                                                                                            John Hill

Red Lion, Great Windmill street
     April the 5th 1790

Wit. Sworn the 5th day of
          April 1790

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 107, folio 72.

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