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Claims and Memorials
Claim of James Irwin of New York

To the Honorable Commissioners Appointed
by Act of Parliament, to enquire into the
Losses & Services of the American
Loyalists, now in Halifax.

The Claim of
James IRWIN, Carpenter and Joiner, formerly
an Inhabitant of the County of Ulster in the
late Province of New York, and now a resident
of Digby in His Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia.

Claiment, from his Loyalty to his Majesty & Attachment to the British Constitution, at so early a period as the first day of January 1777, Avail’d himself of Joining the British troops at New York, at the Risque of his life.

And Soon after, he, with a number of other Loyalists, by Order of Sir William HOWE, (the then Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s forces) did make an excursion into the Rebel Country thirty five Miles from New York, on purpose to Apprihend a Certain John Thomas, & a William Miller, (the former, previous to the Rebellion, was a Judge of the inferiour Court of Common pleas for the County of West Chester, but at that time a Violent Rebel;

the Latter was a Rebel Chairman of the County Committee) which business they Effected. And at divers Other times made the like excursions and brought in many prisoners.

On the 13th day of October 1778, Claiment was taken prisoner by the Rebels, on the East River between Long Island and the Main, and Robed of Cash to the amount in Sterling money of Great Britain of   £ 145.   7.   —

Claiment was then Carried to Poughkepsie Jail in the Province of New York and put in Irons, and threatened to be hang’d on account of makeing prisoners of the aforesaid Thomas and Miller.

Claiment was Kept there Close Confin’d, (without being allowed any provision only what he purchased himself) untill the 30th of April 1779, when he Made his escape, and Joined the British at New York, during which time it Cost Claiment in money aforesaid   22.   7.   9.

Claiment, during the time he was imprison’d as aforesaid, being Deprived of Carrying on his trade as a Carpenter Sustain’d Loss and Damage in that Branch of business to the amount in money aforesaid   38.   9.   6.

Claiment, on the 21st of January 1781 was again taken prisoner by the Rebels, and Carried to Fish Kill, where he was Confin’d and remained a prisoner untill the peace took place, when he was permitted to return to New York, which he did, on the 20th of March 1783.

At the time Claiment was made prisoner he was again Robed of his horse, Sadle & Bridle, and sundry wearing apparel, to the amount in money aforesaid of   £ 20.   0.   0.

And during his Confinement it Cost him in like money   76.   5.   6.

Claimant, during all the time he was prisoner (viz.) from the 21st January 1781 to 20th March 1783 as aforesaid was deprived of Carrying on his trade as a Carpenter, for which reason he Sustain’d Loss, and Damage, to the amount in Sterling money aforesaid of   152. 11.   0.                               [Total]   Sterling   £ 456.   0.   9.

Alexander HAINS— to prove Claiment’s Loyalty & his being Robed of his money by the Rebels, when taken prisoner the first time. likewise his professional Losses.
Robt. CAMPBELL & Jonas MEAD to prove Claiment being taken prisoner by the Rebels the second time.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 13, folio 28.

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