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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Peter Huggeford of New York

To his Excellency Sir Guy CARLETON Knight Of the
most honorable order of the Bath General and
Commander in Chief &ca &ca

The Memorial of Peter HUGGEFORD of the City of New York Surgeon

Humbly Sheweth

That early in the late Contest between the Americans and Great Britain Your Memorialist who is by birth an Englishman and in principles a Loyalist resided on an Estate of his own at Peekskill where he enjoyed an extensive practice in his profession and lived with his Family consisting of a Wife and Twelve Children in ease and affluence--

From this State of happiness he was hurried to a Prison where he continued two Months was then banished Six Months more and Afterwards ordered to take his Tryal for what they called Treason and fortunately made his Escape within the Lines whither his Wife and eight Children were sent after him Objects of the greatest distress destitute of Money and common Necessarys.

That Your Memorialist acted upwards of two Years as Surgeon to the Loyal American Regiment and then Resigned the Pay being inadequate to the Support of so numerous a Family.

That Your Memorialists Estate is given Away by the Legislature of the State of New York to One John Poldon who assisted in taking Major ANDRE, And Your Memorialist and his Family are on the point of Embarking for St. Johns River in Nova Scotia with Three hundred & Twenty two Persons under his direction.

That Your Memorialist begs leave to refer your Excellency for further particulars to Col. Beverly ROBINSON, Col. UPHAM and Col. PHILIPS.

That as Your Memorialist notwithstanding his great Losses and Sufferings has not been any burthen to Government. Your Memorialist humbly requests Your Excellency will be pleased to recommend him to the particular favor and Protection of his Majesty's Governor of the Province of Nova Scotia.

And Your Memorialist &ca

We Know the Memorialist to be a true and faithful Loyalist that he had a good Farm, and well stock'd had great Practice For the Country as a Physician & lived in Affluence- that he was taken up and imprisoned by the Kings Enemies and that his Estate is Confiscated.


Public Archives of New Brunswick, RS 108, New Brunswick Land Petitions, Reel F1024.

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