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Claims and Memorials
Letter to Joseph Hawkins, 1783

Warwick Octr. 17th 1783.


I have just received your Letter of the 13th, & wod. not delay one moment answering it, in your very painfull Situation. Be assured my heart bleeds for those unfortunate Americans whose only fault has been their Loyalty to their Sovereign, for which they are now for ever deprived of their Houses & Possessions.

Tho' I never had the honour of commanding at the six mile Stone, & therefore I suppose the Event to which you allude, relates perhaps to Lord CORNWALLIS, yet during the time I was on Staten Island, & afterwards when I commanded on York Island, I perfectly remember your being in the Company of Guides, as also your being regularly zealous & usefull in promoting His Majesty's Service on many Occasions.

If this Letter can be of any Service to you, I Shall be extremly happy, being

Your humble Servt.

Mr. Joseph HAWKINS

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 96, folio 430.

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