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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Joseph Hawkins of New York

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament
for enquiring into the Losses and Services of the American

The Memorial of Joseph HAWKINS a Native of New York


That your Memorialist actuated by motives of Loyalty to his Majesty, quitted his House and his Fortune and threw himself under the protection of General Sir William HOWE, who after strict Enquiry found his Character was such as intitled him to the greatest Confidence, and he was therefore sent off by Capt. EMARICH agreable to General HOWS Command, into the different parts of Sundry Provinces to distribute Manifesto's at the risk of his Life.

That your Memorialist was also guide to Lord CORNWALLIS at the taking of Fort Lee.

That your Memorialist was afterwards Pilot from Staten Island to Van Planks Point up the North River, to the Ship Sta[torn] Capt. SAUNDERS, safely conducting other Ships also through the Chivoux de frise having a Party of the Anspecht Regiment on Board. After which your Memorialist was for a time employed in conducting Ships from Amboy to New York.

And your Memorialist was then called upon by Mr. MATHEWS late Mayor of New York to be one of the four persons to bring in one Brewer (a Rebel) who had previously murdered Captain RICHARDS, for which they were to receive a Reward of 50 Guineas, which Service Your Memorialist and the rest performed, and received each Man a proportionable Share of said Sum agreable to Command.

That your Memorialist by means of his Activity and Fidelity was taken into the employ of the Right Honorable Earl PERCY, who kept your Memorialist in constant Action in several branches of His Majesty's Service, that required particular confidence In which Service Your Memorialist behaviour met with the Approbation of the said Earl who was pleased to promise that as your Memorialist had been so active in every Service and had by that means incurred the displeasure of all his Friends and Neighbours who remained Rebels and in whom in future he dare not trust his Life.

That your Memorialist should, when he arrived in England have ample satisfaction.

That Your Memorialist in consequence of the beforementioned Services had lost his Property consisting of a small portion of Land, a House, Household Furniture &e valued at the lowest estimation One thousand Pounds New York Currency as mentioned in the Schedule hereunto subjoined.

That Your Memorialist is now reduced to real Distress and want amongst Strangers.

Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may be taken into your Consideration in order that your Memorialist may be enabled under your Report to receive such Aid or Relief as his Losses and Services may be found to deserve,

The Schedule referred to by the above Memorial.

A Small portion of Land in the City
of New York North River, a House,
Household Furniture &e valued at
the lowest Estimate           1000. New York Currcy.
                                             Equal to Sterling Money
                                                         583. 6. 8.

[signed] Joseph HAWKINS No. 2 Boss Court
     Upper Thames Street

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 96, folio 429.

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