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Claims and Memorials
Petition of Samuel Hallett of New York

To the honorable Colonel Thomas DUNDAS
and Jeremiah PEMBERTON Esquire two of
the commissioners appointed by act of
Parliament for enquiring into the losses and
services of Persons resident in his Majestys
American Colonies sufferers in consequence
of their Loyalty

The Petition of Samuel HALLETT

Most humbly sheweth,

That your Petitioner at the commencement of the late Rebellion was a resident upon Long Island in the colony of New York where he was comfortably settled.

That your Petitioners Principles of Loyalty his fidelity and attachment to the person of his Majesty and the British Government were well & universally known.

That on or about the tenth day of January 1776 a large party of rebels about twelve hundred in number landed on Long Island with a determination to disarm the friends of Government and that your petitioner together with fourteen others whose loyalty had rendered them equally obnoxious were taken Prisoners and carried to Philadelphia--

The hardships which they suffered during their confinement were various. The Treatment which they received was rigorous in every respect and they were finally compelled before they were suffered to obtain their dismission to give bonds to the amount of five hundred pounds each for their future behaviour.

That your Petitioner soon after recovering his liberty learnt that Lord HOWE with the British fleet &ca was arrived at Staten Island that upon this information your Petitioner abandoned his property and every thing which he owned upon Long Island and with his son and servant joined the British forces--

That your Petitioner immediately upon joining Lord HOWE piloted two frigates and a brig round Long Island & brought them safe up the river to the situation which was pointed out and his Lordship was pleased to express his approbation of his conduct that your Petitioner in the passage round collected and took on board fifty five friends to Government who afterwards enlisted in the British service under Colonel EMERICK.

That your petitioner continued to act as pilot and at the attack of Horns Hook conducted two men of war with the flat bottom boats to a proper landing without the loss of a man. That he was afterwards employed in piloting a great number of transports thro' Hell-gate to frogs-point which with the assistance of his son & servant he compleated without any accident.

That your Petitioner received a Captains Commission in General DeLancey's Battalion and enlisted above two hundred men for the service of Government. That he was posted with his company at Sandy Hook lighthouse, from which place he made an excursion into the Jerseys with thirty men and attacked a body of the rebels took thirty five prisoners and entirely destroyed a large quantity of rum & Wine.

That your Petitioner remained for some time in the service at Huntingdon and at Kingsbridge and was afterwards ordered into Georgia & Carolina in both which Provinces he served.

That at the conclusion of the war your Petitioner still steadily adhering to the interests of his Majesty emigrated to the settlement on the river Saint John where he has ever since resided.

That your Petitioner in consequence of his loyalty to his Sovereign his attachment to the British Government & his services which he bore arms in its defence has suffered considerably both in his real and personal estate as by a Schedule hereunto annexed will more fully appear and to which he begs leave to refer.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that his case may be taken into your consideration in order that your Petitioner under your report may be enabled to obtain such aid and relief as his losses and services may be found to deserve.

And as your Petitioner as in duty bound Shall ever pray

Samuel HALLETT Capt.

Witnesses Names.

Daniel HALLETT }     on the River St. John

William HALLETT junr. }
Joseph HALLETT         }     Long Island New York
Isaac BROWGAW        }

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 13, folios 148-150.

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