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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Alexander Fraser of New York

To the Right Honble The Lords
Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury.

The Memorial of Allexander FRAIZER

Most humbly Sheweth,

That he Served His Majesty in the 42nd Regiment ninteen years and was Discharged at New York in the Year 1763 by Order of General AMHURST [torn] Lord AMHURST) who was pleased also to signify, that [torn] Service, and that had served (as the Memorialist had) during the proceeding War might [torn] Granted them.

The Lands alotted for the Regiment, the Memorialist had served in, were on Otter Creek in New York Government, the Surveyor General of which Province assigned him his Quota on the aforesaid Creek.

That Memorialist being a Shoe maker by Trade and having been Indulged [torn] Work for his Officers and the Men when in the Army he had saved a handsome Sum of Money and having Married to advantage he was enabled to Settle on his Land with creditt and reputation where he first built a Dwelling house and then made several other Improvements after which he soon aquired a comfortable Property by what business he had in the Neighbourhood and Trading with the Merchants at Crown Point which business he continued- being very happily situated for Several Years.

That upon the breaking out of the late unhappy Disturbances [torn] his Trade soon gott stagnated some being for one party and some for the other [torn] every former happiness asside then nothing prevailed but anarchy and confusion [torn] and Aprentices all left him and Joined the Rebels himself summoned to Serve them [torn] Colonel McDougle and on his refusing he was fined 30 dollars which Summons was Repeated for nine Sundry times the Sum doubling every time and on the tenth time he also refused serving them he was informed his body would be ceased [sic–seized] and Imprisoned

he then imeadeatly consulted some of his Neighbouring Loyalists whose cases was nearly Similar to his who all agreed to go of[f] with him in Order to Joine the Royal Army accordingly they [torn] to the Woods that night on the 4th of March 1778, taking with them only a little [torn] and such Arms and Amunition as they was then possesed of leaving their property and [torn] behind them to the mercy of the Rebels

and on the next Day Memorialist and accomplices being missed their was partys sent in search of them who being dissapointed in finding them revenged their Malice on Memorialist Wife and Children in a Cruel manner and likewise Plundered and ceased every property he was possesed of on the premises even his Wifes and Childrens Cloaths (a few of the worst excepted).

The Memorialist and his accomplices made the best of their Way through the Woods and by great difficulty and [torn] on the 19th of April following where to their great [torn] the Royal Army under the Command of General HOW who was pleased to provide them Lodgings and Provisions.

That shortly afterwards Memorialist Inlisted into a Provential Corps that was then raising by one Colonel SUTHERLAND which was afterwards Regimented and named the British Legion Commanded by Lord KITCHCART where he Served faithfully during the War.

That some time after the Royal Army had Captured New York Memorialist Wife through the means of some friends was conveyed their to him in a very deploreable condition she having through fright famine &c contracted a consumption in which she Lingered on his hands for a long time before she expired and what added more to his distress She left him a Sucking Infant which he endeavoured to rear the rest of his Children being all Dead.

That in the year 1784 Memorialist obtained a Passage from New York to London where he was Discharged for a Service of upwards of 26 Years by which he obtained the Chelsea Provision which is very inadequate to Support an Old Infirm Man together with a helpless Son about 10 Years of Age.

That Memorialist is aflicted with Rheumatic pains and his Sight greatly failed he is near 70 Years of Age the best part of which time has been spent in His Majestys Service and his Son helpless and he having lost a property for his adherance to Government as is Specified in the anexed Schedule he has been in such an Ill state of health since his arrival in England and by being absent in his native Country North Britain and also being Ignorant of the Mode of proceeding has prevented him of rendering in his Claim sooner.

Wherefore he now begs leave to Lay his case before your Lordships in the hope, that in consideration of his Services and Losses Your Lordships will be most Graciously pleased to [torn] a reasonable Support for himself and Son. And Memorialist as in duty bound shall ever pray—

Allexander FRAIZER


Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 54, folios 405A-405B.

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