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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Thomas Flewelling of New York

To the Commissioners appointed by Act of
Parliament for enquiring into the Losses and
Services of the American Loyalists.

The Memorial of Thomas FLEWELLING formerly of North Castle in the County of West Chester and Province of New York now of Kings County in the Province of New Brunswick

Respectfully Sheweth,

That your Memorialist was ever zealously attached to his Majesty & the British Government, always opposed the Choice of Committees & Congresses & steadily refused the Oaths tendered by the Rebels or taking any part with them.

That in March 1777 four of his Sons went thro the Country to long Island & listed in Coll. FANNINGs Corps & ever conducted in such manner as gave full Content to their Officers & indeed were applauded by Coll. FANNING & others.

That two of them sickened & died & a third being sent a considering Distance within the Enemies Lines, with the Command of a reconnoitering Party was killed after having passed thro much hard Service to the Southward & elsewhere.

That an Acct. of his Sons and his Stedfast Adherence to his Loyalty & its being Thought his Example had great Influence in the Neighbourhood.

His & his Families Sufferings were very great, He being often taken into Custody his Cattle & Effects seized & sold & he being in continual Fear of Assassination untill June 1779 when being most cruelly beat & expecting Death He fled to the Kings Lines and being intimately acquainted with the Country He Altho advanced in Years acted as a Guide to Coll. TARLETON, SIMCO & others for two Seasons & was in many hazardous Excursions.

That in May 1780 His Farm being seized & located, His Family was banished & sent to him quite destitute; that had always been accustomed to Plenty.

That in the year 1783, he came to the River St. John with his Wife & Nine surviving Children & have resided there since. That the Change from a very plentifull Living on a Farm highly improved to a Wilderness in advanced Life is really hard, But your Memorialist endeavours to be patient & has laboured hard & advanced as far as most in clearing his Farm & hopes he & his numerous Progeny will live & die faithfull & contented Subjects to his Majesty.

That Your Memorialists Losses in Consequence of his Attachment to the British Government have been with a small Charge for Services Eight Hundred & One pounds, four Shillings & Six pence Sterling and much more, an Account of which is contained in the subjoyned Schedule.

Your Memorialist therefore prays that his Case may be taken into your Consideration in Order that your Memorialist may be enabled, under your Report to receive such Aid or Relief as his Losses & Services may be found to deserve.


Kings County
New Brunswick
28th February 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 12, folio 448.

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