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Claims and Memorials
Witness on Behalf Of Philip Van Cortland

I Certify that I am well Acquainted with Majr. Philip VAN CORTLANDT, having known him from a boy.

That he always declared himself in favor of Govt. and in September 1775 When I was taken & brought before the Committee at Morris he attended the whole time & determinedly Spoke his opinion of the Violence of their Conduct, particularly to Howell who had 40 men to Guard me, advising him to be very Carefull that no Injury was done to me.

That on my being discharged I found him placed on the road to give me protection & advising that by this Conduct he exposed himself to the resentment of the Committee & their Abettors.

That as soon as the army entered Jersey he joined me & I promised him an appointment to a majority.

That during 1777 & Untill the Summer 1778 he Continued with me Acting as my Majr. of Brigade & very often on service, witht. any pay or reward, when he was appointed to my fourth Battn. and put on pay & as such served Untill the Conclusion of the war.

I further declare that Majr. CORTLAND always Acted openly Agt. every measure that tended to independancy & when it was declared Cheerfully took an Active part in support of the Authority & Govermt. of Great Britain.

Cortd. SKINNER Late Br. Genl. &c &c
Prov: Forces

March 30th 1786.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 54, folio 653.

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