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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Ezekial Forman of New Jersey

To the Right Honourable the Lords
Comissioners of His Majesty's
Treasury &c. &c. &c.

The Memorial of Ezekial FORMAN formerly of Monmouth County in New Jersey.

Humbly Sheweth,

That he was during the late Rebellion in America, firmly and zealously attached to the Royal cause, and early and uniformly opposed to the measures addopted by Congress.

That he joined the British Army in 1776 and rendered them every aid and assistance in his power.

That in the year 1778 he was made prisoner by the Rebels, that after his suffering every Species of Indignity, Insult and abuse, he was brought to Tryal, and condemned for his Loyalty to suffer death.

That his own numerous Family and connections as well as that of his wife, were all (One Brother Of his excepted, who was also tryed and condemned to suffer death in the course of the Rebellion for his Attachment to the King's Cause) adherents of Congress, and who to avoid the disgrace of having One of their Family executed, and not out of regard or compassion for your Memorialist, made use of their Interest with the Rebel Government, and procured a mitigation of his sentence to Banishment, on pain of his being executed if he was ever afterwards found in any of the States of America.

That on his return into the British Lines, the Commander in Chief was pleased to honor your Memorialist with a Commission in the Kings Militia, and in consideration of his Loyalty, Suffering and Services, ordered him to be put on the list of Guides and Pioneers to the Army, with an Allowance of four Shillings per diem, until something better could be done for him, which he received up to the 24th day of [blank] 1781, about which time he had the misfortune of being again taken Prisoner, and was a second time thrown into Prison, where he remained a long time and suffered much.

That in consequence of his Conduct in the support of the King's cause, he has been deserted and abandoned by all his relations and connections, and is reduced with a wife and a numerous family of Children to extreme indigence and want.

He therefore prays that your Lordships will be pleased to compassionate his case, and in consideration of his Loyalty, Sufferings and Services to grant him such Temporary relief and subsistance as your Lordships in your Wisdom shall think he merits.

And your Memorialist will ever pray &c.

London July 4th 1788.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 109, folios 296-297.

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