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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Joseph Allen of New Jersey

To Colonel Thomas DUNDAS and Jeremiah PEMBERTON
Esqr. Commrs. appointed by Act of Parliament to
enquire into the Losses & services of the
American Loyalists.

The Memorial of Joseph ALLEN of Dover Township in the County of Monmouth, New Jersey: But now of Cataroqui in the Province of Canada.

humbly sheweth

That at the commencement of the late unhappy dissensions in America Your Memorialist was firmly attached to His Majesty's Royal Person & the British Government, and that he early and uniformly opposed the measures and proceedings of the American Congress.

That your Memorialist joined the Royal Army at New Brunswick in New Jersey in 1776, continued with them during the War, and always manifested a strong disposition to render them every aid & assistance in his power.

That he was active in bringing Loyalists and British Prisoners within the Lines, and Once acted as a guide to the Army- and at the conclusion of the War, had charge of a Company of Loyalists at Bergen Neck, under the command of Major WARD.

That in consequence of his having so joined, aided & assisted the British Army, he was attainted of high Treason by the Laws of the State of New Jersey- and his property mentioned in the annexed schedule was confiscated and sold- and your Memorialist with a Wife and five Children to maintain and provide for, reduced to great indigence and want.

That Your Memorialist previous to the Evacuation of New York, embarked his Family for Canada, that having unfortunately lost his Passage, he went to Saint Johns in New Brunswick & staid the Winter- where being informed, that Elias HARDY Esqr. was about to embark for England, he employed him to take an Estimate of his Losses, and to put in a Claim for him, under the former Act of Parliment- and tho' the said Elias HARDY, did not go Home, as he assured your Memorialist he intended to do, still he informed him, that he had sent his Estimate to John L.C. ROOME Esqr. of London, to be by him put in as a Claim under the former Act.

And your Memorialist never knew, but that the same had been put in, until a short Time since on his arrival at Saint Johns, Mr. HARDY informed him, that notwithstanding his said Estimate arrived in safety to the Hands and possession of the sd. John L.C. ROOME, before the time Limitted by the said Act of Parliament for receiving Claims had elapsed, that the sd. John L.C. ROOME, for reasons altogether unaccountable to him, and in direct violation of the most solemn Engagements entered into, with him the said HARDY, had not put in the sd. Claim, as he ought to have done.

He therefore prays, that this his said Memorial & Claim may be recd. and that his claim may be taken into your consideration, in order that under your Report he may be enabled to receive such aid and relief, as his Losses & services may be found to deserve.

Joseph ALLEN

Halifax June 13th 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 17, folios 19-20.

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