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Claims and Memorials
Petition of Alexander McNaughton of New Hampshire

To the Honorable Colonel Thomas
Esquires, Commissioners, appointed by Act
of Parliament, to enquire, and examine into
the Claims of Those, who may have suffered
in their Property and Professions, for their
Loyalty by the late War in America.

The Petition of Alexander McNAUGHTON

Humbly sheweth,

That your Petitioner with several others arrived in New Hampshire from Scotland and were employed by Governor WENTWORTH on his Plantations at Wolfborough:

that the said Governor WENTWORTH did give and cause to be conveyed to your Petitioner a certain Freehold Tract or Lot of Land containing One hundred Acres, free of all Service, or quit Rent: on which your Petitioner did build, clear, and plant, and was made comfortable by his industry:

that in the Year 1775, the late War in America broke out, and your Petitioner forthwith voluntarily repaired to Castle William and Mary in said Province, where the Governor was besieged and there did Duty under his command until the Province was evacuated in August 1775 when your Petitioner went with the Governor to Boston and there enlisted in His Majesty’s Army and has continued to serve therein untill at the Termination of the War, he was disbanded with the 84th Regiment:

your Petitioner having been in the King’s Service and since having no means of support to enable him to apply for relief in England:

He humbly sollicits that his Case may be considered and Relief granted for his Property confiscated and lost to him in Nah Hampshire for, and because of his Loyalty to His King, and taking Arms as in Duty bound; which Property he estimates to be fully and fairly worth Two Hundred Guineas, and that he is more than that Sum a Sufferer by its Loss.

For the Truth of, and to verify the Allegations preceding, He prays for Permission to name John WENTWORTH Esquire late Governor of New Hampshire and that such Relief may be granted on the Premises, as your Honours may think meet, to which your Petitioner is most dutifully submitted.


Halifax 9th February 1786

There personally Appeared Alexr. McNAUGHTON above named and made Solemn Oath to the truth of the Allegations Contained in the above Petition.

Before me
J BENTON Assoct. Judge
Sup: Court

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office 13, Volume 26 folios 277-278.

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