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Claims and Memorials
Witness for Stephen Holland of New Hampshire

These are to certify that in Summer 1776, while I was prisoner in America, Col. Stephen HOLLAND of New Hampshire, who previous to the breaking out of the Rebellion, had commanded a Regiment of Militia, been a Member of the General Court, & Clerk of the Common pleas & of the Peace for the County of Hillsborough in that Province, waited upon me at Reading in Massachusetts Bay, to which town I was then confined, with the Offer of what Money I might stand in need of, or any other assistance in his Power to give, or procure me.--

That notwithstanding Londonderry where he resided was 40 miles distant from Reading, and it was dangerous for any person suspected, much more one well known to be attached to the British Government to come near me, he continued for some months to see me frequently- brought me the earliest intelligence of the movements of the Kings Army, and repeatedly offered, in Case I had any private Letters or Intelligence that I wished to send to New York to procure me a trusty Person, to convey them within the British Lines.--

That the last Visit I received from him was in February 1777 when he told me he had come to take his Leave of me. That finding he could no longer be of any Service to the Cause of Government where he was, & that not only his personal Liberty, but even his Life were in danger, from the Inveteracy of the Rebels against him, he had determined to take the earliest opportunity in his power to join the Kings Standard, and to take with him a considerable number of men who had agreed to accompany him in the enterprize.-

That some time after I learned with much Concern that before he could put his design in execution he was, by the usurped Power of New Hampshire confined in Jail at Exeter, from whence he made his Escape, but in a short time was taken at Boston, where after being kept in a Dungeon loaded with Irons till his Life was despaired of, he was sent off in the most ignominious manner to the Province to which he belonged, and once more committed to Exeter Jail.

That some time after I had been exchanged, and got to New York, Col. HOLLAND arrived there, having fortunately effected his Escape out of Prison.-- That a Knowledge of his Case, and his Merits as a good Subject, induced me to recommend him to the particular Notice of the Commander in Chief at New York, by Letter dated 10th May 1778, a Copy of which is hereto annexed.

In Consequence of that recommendation Sir Henry CLINTON appointed him a Captain in the Prince of Wales's American Regiment, and soon after granted him a Warrant to raise a Corps for his Majesty's Service, but his Excellency having judged it necessary to annex Conditions to the Grant, which were incompatible with the engagements Col. HOLLAND had come under to the men who had agreed to join him, it was out of his power to give that proof of his Zeal in the Cause of Government, and he continued a Captain in the abovementioned Regiment, till it was reduced upon the Conclusion of the War.

The same Considerations which led me in 1778 to apply on his Behalf to the Commander in Chief in America, render it a duty incumbent upon me now, to grant him this publick Testimony, and to recommend him as a Loyalist highly deserving the Consideration and protection of Government--

What is herein set forth, I shall be happy to give in Evidence before the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the Claims of the American Loyalists, should Col. HOLLAND's Case come under their Consideration, while I remain in London--

Major Genl.

Dated in London
    10th September 1785

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury Office, Class 1, Volume 642, folio 248.

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