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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Stephen Holland of New Hampshire

To the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Sydney one
of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State &c.
&c. &c.

The Memorial of Stephen HOLLAND late of the Province of New Hampshire


That he joined His Majesty's Troops at Rhode Island in the Year 1778-- That his sufferings on account of his attachment to Government were so well known to his Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON, that he immediately appointed your Memorialist a Captain in the late Prince of Wales's American Regiment.

That he would have much earlier joined His Majesty's Troops, but was prevented by Governor WENTWORTH who insisted on your Memorialist remaining in the Country, in the hope by his Influence and example to check the violences then beginning to pervade the said Province.

That while he continued there he assisted Colonel, now Major Genl. Sir Archd. CAMPBELL and other Officers, then Prisoners- and inlisted and engaged a number of Men to join his Majesty's Forces-- These things and his open and avowed principles of Loyalty and opposition to the measures of Congress, being known, he was made a Prisoner by Order of the Provincial Congress, and committed to Exeter Goal, where he endured a long, severe and cruel Imprisonment, and from whence he made his Escape- at the time they were preparing to bring him to trial for his Life--

That his Excellency Sir Henry CLINTON, by Warrant under his Hand and Seal dated the 12th day of December 1778, authorized Your Memorialist to raise a Battalion of which he was to have the Command--

That a Number of Men he had engaged came in and joined the said Regiment- but the others from the vigilance and persecuting Spirit of the Rebels were prevented in their Attempts to come in, whereby your Memorialist was deprived of the opportunity of completing the said Battallion--

That Your Memorialist was at a very great expence in the engagement of those men, and for which he hath never received any Indemnification--

That the Memorialist's sufferings and Losses in consequence of his Attachment to the British Government have been very great, has a Wife and large Family of Children to support, and is destitute of the means but from his half-Pay and Temporary support allowed him by the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, untill Compensation shall be made him. The Memorialist therefore humbly prays that his Loyalty, Losses and Services may be taken into your Lordship's consideration, and that such higher Provincial Rank and half-Pay may be allowed him, as he shall be thought to merit.

And he will ever Pray &c.

London 21st July 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury Office, Class 1, Volume 642, folio 234.

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