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Claims and Memorials
Memorial of Thomas Cumings of New Hampshire

To the Right honorable The Lords Commissioners of
His Majestys Treasury

The Memorial of Thomas CUMINGS

Humbly Sheweth

That before the War your Lordships Memorialist resided in Holies in the Province of New Hampshire where he Possessed Valuable Property, and was under Sheriff for the County of Hillsborough and engaged in the Profession of the Law.

That on the Commencement of the unhappy Tumults in that Country, your Memorialist took an active and Decided Part in the favour of British Government, which excited the animosity of the Rebels whose Persecutions Compelled him to abandon his Family Property & Profession and take Refuge within the British Lines for safety and Protection in September 1776.

That your Memorialist on his arival at New York being determined to exert himself in Suppressing the Rebellion joined Major STARK of New Hampshire who was empowered to raise a Regiment, and Gave him a Warrant to be Captain in his Corps.

That he raised a number of men and did Duty as Captain untill all the men raised by Major STARK were Drafted, whereupon Your Memorialist was left unprovided for, that he afterwards joined Governor WENTWORTH's Volunteers, and did Duty with them in the Vicinity of New York untill October 1782 when Your Memorialist went from thence to Nova Scotia, and being informed that it was necessary for him to appear in Person to Support his Claim before the Commissioners appointed to enquire into the Losses of the Loyalist he Came to England for that Purpose with his Wife and Family, and that he is Destitute of money or any of the Comforts of Life, and having as before Represented been Compelled to abandon his property, Profession & future Prospects of Life in America for his Loyalty & attachment to British Government, he must soon be miserable beyond expression unless relieved by that Government in Support of which he has spent so many Years of his Life and been reduced to Such Extremity.

Your Memorialist begs leave to refer to the Certificate of Sir William HOWE, & the other Certificates accompanying his Memorial for the truth of his Representation, and humbly prays that your Lordships will be pleased to take his case into Consideration and order him such allowance for his Present Support as his Sufferings Services & Losses may appear to Deserve, and your Memorialist as in Duty bound Shall ever pray


London 12th July 1785

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volune 52, folio 53.

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