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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Kenneth Stewart of North Carolina

To the Right Honourable The Lords
Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury

The Memorial of Kenneth STEWART Late Lieut. of the North Carolina Highland Regiment

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Memorialist in the year 1776 in Conformity, to Governor MARTIN’s Instructions, did take arms in Support of His Majesty’s Government, and Continued his exertions, Untill he was Made prisoner of War at Moor’s Creek Bridge.

That your Memorialist, Soon after made his escape, from the enemy, and Joined the British Troops on the Landing in Georgia, when he was made Lieutenant in the Corps of Pyoneers, with whom he did Duty, Untill the year 1780, when the North Carolina Highlanders, was formed into a Regiment.

That your Memorialist, at the Request of Governor MARTIN and the other officers of the Highland Corps, obtained Permission for him, to Leave the Pyoneers and Join them.

That your Memorialist in the Year 1781 was Stationed at Wilmington in North Carolina, under the Command of Colonel CRAIG, when he was ordered to march, with part of his Corps, Joined to Some of the Loyal Militia to Hillsborough, where Lay a Body of the enemy; under the Command of the Rebell Governor.

That the Loyal party on this Occasion, made Upwards of One hundred and fifty prisoners, that on Conveying them to the Garrison at Wilmington there was an attempt made, by a party of the Rebells, who Concealed themselves at a pass Near Lindlay’s Mills, to Risque them [sic—their] friends— at this place a hot Action Commenced when the Highlanders, after Sustaining Some Loss Drove the Enemy and Secured all the Prisoners they had taken.

That your Memorialist, in this last Action, had a Bullet Shot through his Body and as the wound was Immediately Considered Mortal he was Left as Irrecoverably on the field.

That your Memorialist in this Situation was near a year Before he Recovered Sufficient Strength to walk, nor have it in his Power to Convey Intelligence to his friends, of his being alive, which Circumstance has been the Cause of his not being being [sic] Returned for half pay, along with the other officers of his Corps.

That your Memorialist as Soon as he was able, made Shift, to get to Novascotia, where he has Lived Since on the Bounty of his friend, Lieutenant Col. STEWART, with whom he is Returned, within these few Days to England.

This being a State of the Situation of your Memorialist– he humbly prays, that your Lordship’s will be pleased to take his Dis[tres]sed Case, Under Your Humane Consideration, and Recommend him as an object Equally Deserving half pay, with his Brother officers to whom it has been already Granted while Your Memorialist was Supposed to be Dead.

And your Memorialist as in Duty Bound will ever pray—


No. 62, Crown Street
4th April 1786

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Treasury, Class 1, Volume 629, folios 109a—110a.

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