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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Torquil McLeod of North Carolina

To the Honorable Commissioners appointed
by Act of Parliament for enquiring into the
Losses and Services of the American

The Memorial of Torquil McLEOD


That Your Memorialist came from Jamaica to North Carolina in the Year One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy five and in the beginning of One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Six Joined the Loyalist[s] who imbodied in that province to Support Government and being an Old Soldier, Major McDONALD (who Commanded that body of Men) promised to make him an Adjutant to train the regulators when they came in.

That after the Disaster at Moores Bridge your Memorialist was forced to Secrete himself from the face of the Enemy, in the back parts of North Carolina until General HOW came to Philadelphia;

Then Marched in disguise through Virginia and Maryland and Joined the Royal Army in May One Thousand seven hundred and Seventy Seven [sic-eight], and Joined the 71st Regiment going with Colonel CAMPBELL to Georgia and was at Savannah when besieg’d by De Estaing also was with General PREVOST when he came to Charlestown.

That some time before Charles Town was evacuated, your Memorialist went to Jamaica where he continued till lately when he came to England with some of his Neighbours and being almost harassed to Death with Fatigue and Sickness and has through those disturbances Sustained the Loss of all he was possessed of (a Schedule or particular of which is hereunder written) in Support of his King and Country.

Your Memorialist Therefore Humbly prays your Honors to take his case into your Consideration, that under your Report he may be Enabled to receive such relief as his Losses and Services may be found to deserve.

And your Memorialist will ever pray &c.

[Torquil McLEOD]

The Schedule to which the above Memorial refer’s.

     £      s     d
To 700 Gallons of Jamaica Rum taken by the Rebels in
   North Carolina, Cumberland County at 5s P Gallon
   175.    0.    0.
A Chest with all his Cloaths and Linen taken by Do. in the
   same Province
     25.    0.    0.
Two Horses taken by Do. in Do.      21.    0.    0.
£  221.    0.    0.

Evidence to Support the above Facts

Captain Alexander MORISON Lodges at No. 4 Clerkonwell Close.
Lieutenants John & Normand McLEOD Lodge at No. 25 Turnmill Street
                                                        Claimant lives Do.

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 122, folio 145.

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