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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Alexander McKay of North Carolina

To The Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament
for enquiring into the Losses & Services of the
American Loyalists

The Memorial of Alexr. McKAY

Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist on the fifth day of Febry. 1776 received a Captain's Commission from Govr. MARTIN, to raise a Company for His Majesty's Service, under the Command of Major McDONALD, your Memorialist with his Company Joined Major McDONALD at Cross Creek on the 15th of said Month, served under his Command untill the 27th when at the Skirmish at Moor's Bridge near Wilmington, his Party were dispersed, & the greater Part of the Officers were made Prisoners, among whom your Memorialist was marched to Halifax in North Carolina, where he was kept in close Jail one Month, & was then obliged to take his Trial before the Rebel House of Assembly then setting, by which he was pronounced guilty, & ordered to be removed to Philadelphia.

That your Memorialist was accordingly march'd under Guard, & on Foot from Halifax to Philadelphia, & kept in like Confinement from the 25th day of May to the 15th day of Decr. Followg. From thence was removed to Baltimore in Maryland, & confined in Jail untill the 26th day of Feby. 1777, was then paroled to the back parts of that Province, where he remain'd untill the 26th day of Augt. 1778, at which Time he was exchanged, and sent to the City of New York.

That Sir Henry CLINTON was then pleased to allow your Memorialist Half Pay from the date of his Commission 'till his Arrival at New York. That on the 1st day of April 1779, your Memoriliast sail'd for the Province of Georgia on Board the Arm'd Ship Jason Captn. PORTERFIELD, but having the Misfortune to taken again by the Enemy, was put in Irons & sent to Boston (where all his wearing Apparel was taken from him, save those that were on his Back) he there remained on Board a Prison Ship for a few Weeks, & was then paroled to Rutland, where he continued 'till the 15th of August followg. Was then exchanged, & sent to New York.

That in Consequence of your Memorialists Sufferings & Misfortunes, Sir Henry CLINTON was pleased to order, that he should be put on the Half Pay List as Captain; That he remain'd at New York, untill Sir Henry CLINTON sail'd to Charles Town, whither he accompanied the Expedition, & continued with Lord Cornwallis's Army, untill Genl. GATES was defeated at Camden, that three days after that Event, your Memorialist was sent by Lord CORNWALLIS to No. Carolina with Instructions to the Loyalists there, which he executed agreeable to His Lordships Instructions, and Joined him at the Waxhaws.

His Lordship was then pleased to give your Memorialist a Captain's Warrant to raise an Independent Company of Highlanders, & he continued with Lord Cornwallis's Army, during their different Routs thro' both the Carolinas, & till His Lordship arrived at Wilmington, he then remained with Major CRAIG, raised ten Recruits, & for some time did the duty of a Quarter Master General for the detachment under Major CRAIG's Command;

On the Evacuation of that Post, he went to Charlestown, where his Recruits were consigned to Col. HAMILTON's Regiment; On the Evacuation of Charlestown he embarked for Jamaica in Order to assist in the defence of that Island;

That Peace being concluded, your Memorialist applied to Genl. CAMPBELL at Jamaica, for a Passage to Britain which His Excellency was pleased to order on Board His Majesty's Ship Prosperaty at the same Time honouring your Memorialist with the Care of public Dispatches for the Right Honble Colonel FITZPATRICK Secretary at War.

That your Memorialist was an Inhabitant of the Province of North Carolina, & of the County of Cumberland, where he was possessed of Lands, Negroes, & other Property (as will appear by the Schedule following) all of which he has lost.

That your Memorialist has a Wife & five Children in said province, from whom he hath been separated ever since the first day he took up arms in His Majesty's Service, and it was out of his Power to bring them away with him, as they were 200 Miles distant from Charlestown;

By the latest accounts from them, they were in very great distress, being deprived of their Property, & obliged to live in a small Hutt, in a remote Situation, having no other Subsistence, than what the Charity of a few Individuals affords them.

Your Memorialist therefore humbly prays, that his Case may be taken into your consideration, in order that he may be enabled under your Report, to receive such Aid or Relief, as his Losses & Services may be found to deserve.

And Your Memorialist shall ever pray

[Alexander McKAY]

No. 4 Clerken Well Close
  the 5th Novr. 1783

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 121, folios 311-312.

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