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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Archibald McDugald of North Carolina

To the Right Honble The Lords Commissioners of His
Majesty's Treasury &c &c &c

The Memorial of Archibald McDUGALD late Ens. N.C. Regt.

Most Humbly Sheweth

That your Memorialist emigrated from Scotland in the year 1767 and Settled in the County of Cumberland North Carolina where he acquired a Considerable property and lived in affluence, until the late unfortunate Rebellion took place in that Country.

That in the month of January 1779, Your Mernorialist left North Carolina, in Order (if Possible) to Join Colonel Archd. CAMPBELL, who Commanded His Majesty's Troops then in Georgia, But was unfortunately taken prisoner by the rebels, and Carried to Charles Town, South Carolina, and put on board a Prison Ship, where he remained for ten months (one of which he was Confined in Irons) at the expiration of which time he effected his escape, and got into Savannah, where he Joined the Royal No. Carolina Regt. Commanded by Colonel John HAMILTON, and did duty in the same, Until Lord CORNWALLIS Arrived in Wilmington No. Carolina in the year 1781.

That after Lord CORNWALLIS Marched into Virginia your Memorialist was appointed Colonel of the Loyal Militia of Cumberland County, by Major CRAIG, who Commanded His Majesty's Troops in North Carolina, and was Ordered to march back into the Highland Settlements, one hundred & twenty Miles from the Garrison, and there to embody His Majesty's Loyal Subjects, for the purpose of Giving every Assistance possible in Suppoessing the remains of Rebellion in that Province.

That your Memorialist after raising the Militia of Cumberland County, formed a junction with Colonel McNEILL of the Bladen County Militia, & Col. RAY who Commanded the Loyal Militia of Anson County, and at Diferent times Defeated the Rebels, under the Command of Genl. Wade, Your Memorialist and Colonel McNEILL, afterwards Joined Colonel FANNING, who Commanded the Loyal Militia of Gilford & Chatham Counties, then marched in Conjunction to Hilisborough and attacked a body of Rebels, which was Stationed there, under the Command of the Rebel Governor Burk, in which Action the Governor, two Continental Colonels, five Captains, and a number of Subalterns, with two hundred of their men, besides Militia were taken prisoners, & Conveyed to His Majesty's Garrison at Wilmington, thro a tract of Country 200 miles in length; on this Expedition Colonel McNEILL was Killed, Colonel FANNING was Wounded, and rendered unfit for service, and Your Memorialist had a number of his men kill'd & wounded.

That after Conveying the aforesaid Prisoners to Wilmington, Your Memorialist was Ordered back to his Station, in Cumberland County, and was there on Actual Service one hundred and twenty Miles from the Garrison, when it was Evacuated. That, with the Surrender of Lord CORNWALLIS in Virginia, made it unavoidably necessary, for your Memorialist to Disband his men, at a time when the Loyalists of North Carolina, had nearly brought the Rebellious part of the Inhabitants to a State of Submission to His Majesty's Government.

That besides those Important Services rendered to Government, your Memorialist had Considerable property in North Carolina, which was Confiscated and Sold by the Rebels, in the year 1783, a Schedule of Which he Gave in to the Commissioners at Nova Scotia, the 15 of March 1786; But his Claim was not Investigated Solely Because he had Omited Sending it to London Agreable to the first Act of Parlialnent.

That Your Memorialist Seing that his Claim tho Very Just, was not likely to be taken notice of, by the Commissioners in Nova Scotia, He was Necessi[ta]ted to Come to London, in Order to have Justice done him, and having stated his Case about four months ago to the Commissioners of American Claims, in London, they Objected entering into an Investigation of the Same, till they heard from the Commissioners now in Canada. This being the Case Your Memorialist has been at Considerable Expence, in Coming to London, which has reduced him to a State of the Greatest Extremity & want.

Your Memorialist therefore prays, that his Distressed Circumstances may Be taken into Your Lordships Consideration, and that You will be pleased to Grant him Such Temporary Support till his Claim is Investigated as to Your Wisdom & Goodness, Shall Seem meet, or as his Singular Servises, Losses, and Sufferings may be found to Deserve.

And Your Memorialist will Ever Pray


Orange St. No. 16
March 6th 1788

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 121, folios 256-257.

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