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Claims & Memorials
Memorial of Patrick Lisitt of North Carolina

To The Honble The Commissioners appointed by Act
of Parliament for Enquiring into the Losses and
Services of the American Loyalists

The Memorial of Patrick LISITT


That your Memorialist Resided in Pensilvania untill the Commencement of the Rebellion, at which time he was Drafted for Nine Months in Order to Join the Rebel General Washington at New York, but made his escape and fled to North Carolina where he Purchased a Plantation.

Memorialist shortly after was Drafted again to serve the States and the Oath of Alegiance was Proposed which he refused and was immediately put into Prison where he Continued about a Month and afterwards was put into the Stocks in order to Punish your memorialist and make him Comply with the States Oath which he allways Objected and Disdained but upon his Joining them For Nine Months and began the march Night drawing on your Memorialist took the advantage and Deserted and went home for his family and Proceeded towards South Carolina and Arrived at Pacolete River and Proceeded to Join the Brittish Troops as fast as Possible when to your Memorialist great Satisfaction he Joined Colonel FERGUSON near Ninety Six where he Embodied himself in a Militia Company under the Command of General CUNNINGHAM with whom he remained untill the Colonel was Defeated when your Memorialist retreated with the Remaining Troops to Ninety Six and Joined the Garrison under the Command of Colonels CRUGAR [Cruger] and ALLEN.

Some time after your Mernorialist was Ordered to Join Colonel TARLETON with whom he was Employed as a Spy untill the Colonel was Defeated at the Cowpen and retreated back to Ninety Six where your Memorialist remained and was there at the time the Rebel General Green laid Siege to it and untill it was Evacuated by his Majestys Troops at which time your Memorialist was again Employed as a Spy by Colonel CRUGAR [Cruger] and Colonel ALLEN untill they Arrived at the Lines of Charlestown.

Memorialist shortly after was Ordered to Join General CUNNINGHAM to Parkers ferry in Order to Join Major FRASIER where your Memorialist in an Action with the Rebels was Dangerously Wounded in Two Places and retreated with the Troops to Dorchester.

Memorialist was Some time after was ordered to Join Colonel YOUNG to Watch the motion of the Enemy when the advance Partys meeting of which your memorialist was One he was Wounded again and taken Prisoner where he remained Six days and made his Escape and got Safe within the Iines in Charlestown where your Memorialist as soon as he was able was Ordered to James Island and Join Colonel PIERCESON who Commanded the Militia, where he remained untill the evacuation and Embarked on board the Fleet for East Florida where he relnained untill its Evacuation, when he Embodied himself with the rest of his fellow Sufferers Under a Pass from his Excellency Governor TONYN for Port Roseway in Nova Scotia and now Remain in the Township of Argyle in the County of Shelburne.

Thus far your Memorialist has Stated the grounds of his late Sufferings and Services begs leave to State the Amount of his Losses at time your Memorialist Abandoned his home and Habitation and Left his all in Carolina.

518 Acres of Land with a Dwelling house &c.       300.   0. 0.
15 head Cattle at 30/                                                  22. 10. 0.
8 Horse                                                                        18.    0. 0.
12 Sheep at 8/                                                               4. 16. 0.

                     Amount in Sterling                             375.   6. 0.

Personally Appeared before me [blank] Esqr. Patrick LISITT late of the Province of North Carolina, and maketh Oath on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God and Saith that the above acct. Is Just and True and that the above Property was taken from him by the rebels rather under valued than otherwise.

Patrick X LISITT

Sworn before me in Shelburne
this 1st Aprill 1786
                                Alexr. LECKIE
                             Justice of the Peace

Great Britain, Public Record Office, Audit Office, Class 13, Volume 57, folios 249-250.

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